At approximately 10:30 pm on Thursday, April 18, 2013, an MIT police officer, Sean Collier, age 27, was shot and killed on campus in Cambridge, Massachusetts, while responding to a disturbance. Police believe the Boston Bombing suspects, Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev shot the officer five times to get his gun because they only had one gun. It is unclear how many bullets were in Officer Collier’s gun or why the brothers thought the gun would be so valuable they would shoot the officer five times for it and call attention to themselves before their whereabouts were known by police. In the end, the brothers failed to remove the officer’s gun from his holster–their heinous crime was in vain. Mystery continues to surround the death of the MIT officer, however, and the Middlesex DA released today a request for witnesses to the crime.
The first responder to the MIT officer’s call for backup, Officer Collier’s friend and former classmate, Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority Police Officer Richard Donohue, might have been the only one in a position to illuminate the events as they unfolded in Cambridge that night. By a tragic coincidence, however,

Officer Donohue was the only officer to be wounded in the Watertown shoot-out. Officer Donohue was shot with a single bullet to the femoral artery and completely bled out on the scene in Watertown, according to official reports. He lost 100% of his blood and had no pulse for forty-five minutes. Miraculously and unexpectedly, after the hospital replenished all of Officer Donohue’s blood, they rescucitated him and he is expected to make a good recovery. Perhaps by this miracle he will be able to shed some light on the death of Officer Collier after all. We can only hope and pray.
Forty-five minutes after the MIT shooting, the Tsarnaev brothers hijacked a black Mercedes SUV. This hijacking began a car chase that ended in Watertown, Massachusetts, with the death of Tamerlan Tsarnaev, the wounding and ultimate capture of his brother Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, and the grave injury to Transit Officer Donohue.
The FOX Q13 newscast below covers a critical portion of these events reported live as they unfolded. This broadcast, however, contradicts the official narrative. If you follow the action, you will hear the reporters referring to two suspects, one who was apprehended unharmed and told to strip and another who was wounded but not yet in custody. Later in the broadcast, a citizen video reveals a cop saying “lost him,” and, mysteriously, “it’s a cop” and “it’s not what it looks like.” (For the truly shocking first five seconds that was edited of the citizen video in the newscast below, click here. You hear a man say, “We give up,” before the first shot is fired.)
[wpvideo SlMoNiUH]
While the two suspects–the naked man and the wounded man–are being described in the broadcast, the screen shows a sandy-haired man lying face-down on the ground, neither naked nor wounded. Who is he? Initial speculation was that he was the carjacking victim, but that was later dismissed when the carjacking victim, who is described as Chinese, was reported as having escaped and been given refuge at a Mobil station in Cambridge earlier that night.
(Incidentally, the Mobil station attendant, Tarek Ahmed, the only person who has seen the carjacking victim, described him as Caucasian and as being pushed out of the car by the carjackers, both facts which contradict the official version of the story.)
If the man on the ground is not the carjacking victim, who is he? Perhaps a clue lies in the testimony of the carjacking victim himself.  He claims that Tamerlan Tsarnaev jumped out of a Honda Civic and into his passenger seat, then instructed him to pick up another man who proceeded to put a bag in the car that police now think contained the ammunition and explosives used in Watertown.  Later, these two men, reported to be the Tsarnaev brothers, are caught on surveillance video at the gas station where the carjacking victim escaped.
But what happened to the Honda Civic? A green Honda Civic appears in photos of the crime scene in Watertown and was described by an eyewitness as being the car from which the two suspects pulled a pressure-cooker bomb during the shoot-out.  The green Honda also matches the description of the car Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was driving at school that week. So how did the Honda Civic get from the site of the carjacking in Cambridge to the site of the shoot-out in Watertown where the car chase ended? Could the man on the ground have been driving the green Honda? If not, how did the Honda get to Watertown if both Tsarnaev brothers were in the black SUV?
Leaving that critical question aside, could the man on the ground be an undercover agent? Perhaps it was he who was being described in the video above when we hear, “it’s a cop” and “it’s not what it looks like.” And of course the question remains, who were the other two suspects described in the video? Was the naked man in custody Tamarlan Tsarnaev as his mother and aunt claim and as other video evidence supports? Was the wounded suspect who evaded capture Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, having fled before his brother was even injured much less run over by a car?
I am becoming increasingly frustrated that authorities and the media offer no plausible accounting of the documented details of the shoot-out that resulted in the death of Tamerlan Tsarnaev, the grave injury to Transit Officer Richard Donohue and the imposition of martial law on the city of Boston, and more brutally, on the people of Watertown.
I do not wish to defend terrorists, I just want justice for the victims and a full accounting of the events that led to the vicious attack at the Boston Marathon and its deadly aftermath. If blame for these events extends beyond the Tsarnaev brothers, my hope is that it is placed swiftly and accurately, but that can only happen if the full story is known, from the implications of the FBI’s past contact with Tamerlan Tsarnaev to the impact this horrific episode will have on our civil liberties.

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Fantastic! I never thought to question how the Honda Civic got to Watertown. Clearly Danny’s testimony has some gaping holes and should be examined further.

Monica I am REALLY confused by this man on the ground! Did this happen before or after the shootout?? If it was after then how did they not know this was the guy they were shooting at, when they say by this time they knew it was the Tsarnaevs. If it was before, what are the chances the shootout also took place in Watertown ?? Do you know? I’ve been trying to figure it out!

From what I can tell, there were three suspects involved in the shootout or at least the car chase: Tamerlan Tsarnaev, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev & the Man on the Ground. I have NO idea who he was though! I started to think maybe he was an agent of some kind because if he were a regular citizen he would have come forward I would think. Tamerlan told his mother that the FBI had been in touch with him after the bombing but before the shootout, so maybe this guy was setting up a meet or something, but really that’s total speculation on my part. has some interesting stuff on the Boston Marathon Bombing too, though I don’t think he addresses the Man on the Ground at all. I presume you read my post on the Naked Man – it’s pretty clear to me who THAT is!

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