McGreevey Donor In Court For Having Witness Seduced
NEWARK, NJ – AUGUST 18: Charles Kushner (C) wades though the media with his legal team and wife to the U.S. District Courthouse August 18, 2004 in Newark, NJ. Kushner, a New Jersey developer and a major campaign contributors to Democrats including embattled Gov. Jim McGreevey is expected to plead guilty to federal charges that he hired a prostitute to try to silence a witness in a federal investigation. (Photo by Chris Hondros/Getty Images)

This Megadonor is Ivanka Trump’s father-in-law…check out his rap sheet! This story is unbelievable!! WHY didn’t Christie bring any of this out? (or JEB or Cruz for that matter?)…People are worried Trump is a ringer for Hillary…this guy was Hillary’s biggest donor! The GOP is NOT vetting Trump. Read this article through to the end–the unvetted connections to Hillary and Christie indicate to me that this is being deliberately passed over.

Independent Trump Bags First Mega Donation from Disgraced Ex-Con Real Estate Mogul


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I’m not a parent, so can only guess what parents go through as they raise their offspring. So many pitfalls await their children as they grow up. And then the kids decide on their mates…the parents don’t. So Trump has an in law in this case who is very “interesting”, to say the least! What is Trump to do? I suggest, in the best interest of maintaining harmony, and to give the kids the best chance at having a good marriage, he plays the part of a hands off father.

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