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I believe Trump continues to divide the Tea Party more than he is dividing the Republican Party. I thought that Trump’s candidacy was going to break up the GOP, but they seemed to have healed very quickly. Those that attend Tea Party meetings, however, are still polarized. No place was this clearer than with the healthcare bill that just failed. Half of Tea Party folks are extremely happy with the failure (me included) and very proud of the Freedom Caucus for holding to principle. The other half are very upset at the failure and are determined to ensure that all the Freedom Caucus loses their next election.

‘Conspiracy Theorist’ was a phrase coined by the CIA in 1967 to discredit journalists who expose U.S. Government corruption.

Monica – your first caller last nite was correct, the GOP health bill was supposed to fail.

How we know this is because House Speaker Paul Ryan is actually a Democrat mole inside the GOP. Many people in the media, and DC know this, but don’t really care.

Sibel Edmonds latest whistleblowing at Newsbud – U.S. will attempt to get rid of Erdogan again this summer.

After Sibel Edmonds calling Putin ‘a scumbag’ and Sibel attacking Paul Craig Roberts generally for complimenting Putin and for his victories over ISIS in Syria in the Eyeopener Boiing Frogs podcast w/ Corbett (now named Newsbud) ‘Final Stages of Erdgans Takedown’ …

( Paul Craig Roberts is popular w/ the Alt Right / Alt Left for consistently reporting over the last 8 years against Hillary and Obama escalation with Russia in Ukraine, Syria BTW )

my question is this … has Sibel gone completely barmy, and has Newsbud, Boiling Frogs jumped the shark ?

Paul Craig Roberts is one of the Alt medias best writers !

PS. Monica RE : ‘Alt Left’ media meltdown

Also – according to the same Eyeopener Boiing Frogs podcast w/ Corbett (now named Newsbud) ‘Final Stages of Erdgans Takedown’ Sibel makes the astounding claim that “Turkish military doesn’t take a pee without U.S. military approval ” – if so, what’s the point of another Erdogan coup ?

Aside from Maxine Waters and Sen. Diane Fienstein were arrogant enough that they openly stated their objective was to remove the remove the Pres. from office.

Still more on the ‘Alt Left’ going scattergories front – Soros funded Democrat Party front makes ‘demands’ of Trump (or else) according to
anti-war leader David Swanson of war is a …

Liberalism’s Communications Problem

“In a typical email, sent out the message this week that nobody should confirm a Supreme Court nominee until it’s determined that Trump is a “legitimate president.”


“According to the email, it would take proving that Trump didn’t collaborate with Putin to rig the U.S. election. According to the linked video, it would take that plus seeing Trump’s tax returns, plus proving that Trump is not violating the foreign emoluments clause. All three demands are given a xenophobic slant.”

This strange hypocrisy follows the illological trend of ‘Alt Left’ media meltdown by the low trafficked Intercepts Glenn Greenwald of Trump on Democracy Now saying: “GLENN GREENWALD: Well, so, first of all, there’s a media issue here, which is that if you look at The Wall Street Journal report, it’s pretty much exactly the same as every other significant report about Russia over the last six months, many of which have proven to be completely false. It’s based on anonymous officials making extremely vague claims. Even The Wall Street Journal says, “We don’t know who’s doing this, withholding information. We don’t know how much information is being withheld.”

“Secondly, the idea that Donald Trump is some kind of an agent or a spy of Russia, or that he is being blackmailed by Russia and is going to pass secret information to the Kremlin and endanger American agents on purpose, is an incredibly crazy claim that has been nowhere proven to be true. ”

but then the hyper partisan ‘Alt Left’ Greenwald media meltdown again goes against logic saying ‘”We ought to have a serious, sober, structured investigation of the claims that Russia hacked the DNC and John Podesta’s emails and that there were improper ties between Donald Trump and the Russians,” snd Glen considers Trump ‘very dangerous’ because of, among other things, ‘climate change’ !

What !?!

Glenn you dweeb – this is worse than the times on Democracy Now and Fox when you blamed Bush for ISIS in Syria … Bush wasn’t even President you partisan knucklehead!

…hmmm…That’s another reason why I like MonicaPerez: her fans are well informed (except “futuret,” he’s just a wee bit scary). Mr.Hary is plenty interesting & much to be gleaned from the 2 posts…. Although, idk what NONE of the 1st post was about: thanking God 2 many I don’t watch that stuff.

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