On today’s show, I had a caller John lamenting about our media…shortly thereafter, I got an email from another caller, Johnny (aka @freedomactradio), saying John’s call reminded him of this video…it’s pretty amazing….

And what’s so crazy about is, is that every single one of them, with only two exceptions, said “may be about to” – literally read the points right off the one press release or fax or whatever that went out…I’ve called the American media an “echo chamber” before, but this surprised even me…that even beats this, which until now was the best media prank I ever saw…


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I subscribe to local news channels around the USA on Facebook, You Tube, and Twitter. They will roll out the same stories, with the same photos, and the same “What do you think? Sound off!” comment to provoke discussion. I will see 10-20 stories appear at the same time on my Facebook newsfeed. It’s like someone in NYC is creating one post and posting it to 30 stations Facebook pages across the USA. This is mainly because so many stations are owned by one company.

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