daily-news-front-pageworld-trade-center-bombing-explosionThe majority of the biggest terrorist busts in recent years have been conceived of and executed by FBI operatives. (See The New York Times article, Terror Plots, Hatched by the FBI.)
An FBI operative and star witness for the state named Emad Salem recorded his conversations with handlers while he was assigned to work with terrorists planning to bomb the World Trade Center in 1993. Apparently, Salem participated in building the bomb and asked for dummy explosives only to be turned down by the FBI. He expected the bomb would be stopped before going off. It wasn’t. 6 died, others were injured and $500 million of damage was wrought. One of the architects of the towers claimed at the time that if the van with explosives had been placed closer to the poured concrete foundation of the building, both buildings might have come down.
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s9p1AnhDzWg&w=420&h=315]
Was this a botched FBI sting operation? A false flag? We will probably never know more than we know now, but we do know that such events spur new calls for the surveillance state whether Democrats or Republicans are in charge.
The World Trade Center Bombing in 1993 happened under the watch of Bill Clinton, a Democrat, and it was followed up in 1995 by a bill introduced by then-Senator Joe Biden, another Democrat, called the Omnibus Counterterrorism Act of 1995, which he has claimed repeatedly was the blueprint for the USAPATRIOT Act. Despite the innocent refrain repeated by media and politicians alike that the USA PATRIOT Act was drawn up in the heat of the moment after 9/11, it was not, nor was it a purely Republican conception.
Obama’s approach to war and surveillance is no different from that of the Republicans and Democrats who preceded him. Just another reminder: It’s not left vs. right, it’s us vs. them.

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“We will probably never know”
Our government(s) are notorious for keeping records of just about everything they do even when they would be deeply embarrassing or incriminating. They bury them for decades and often release some of them with a cavalier attitude perhaps knowing that the statute of limitations has run out mainly due to all of the players being deceased, and apparently not caring that the documents stand as proof that we cannot trust our government. So it is probably just a matter of time before the truth outs.

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