From George W. Bush to Barack Obama to Donald Trump, we have seen candidate after candidate attest that we should not wade into the affairs of other countries only to argue as president why we must and then do it whether the argument compels or not.

In reviewing some old notes, I found in a May 2017 document a “What to Watch Out For” (#WTWOF) to myself:

  • So quickly the facade pulled away on Trump – escalating Syria was the tell, and now his entire administration will be a shitshow media circus just like the campaign was

    • Latin Spring – vowed to help Venezuela for humanitarian reasons

So the signals were there and here we are, only other excuses are piling on top of “humanitarian reasons” for why we should invade a foreign country that is no threat to us:

  • Maduro is not the legitimately elected president of Venezuela.
    • A ridiculous angle since Guaidó most certainly isn’t anymore than Nancy Pelosi is the legitimately elected president of the United States.
    • George W. Bush tried this approach against Chavez to the point of actually getting a new election, only to have Chavez win again.
    • But in the end, so what? Do you want Canada invading because Trump may or may not have been swept into power by illegitimate Russian activity? American Exceptionalism is a nice sounding term, but when you come down to it, it just means that we expect our sovereignty to be respected but reserve the right not to return the courtesy.
  • We are being INVADED!
    • I just read in the Wall Street Journal today that we are not only after Venezuela, but Cuba and Nicaragua as well. John Bolton called it the “troika of tyranny” and said it must fall. (Another call back to W Days? Axis of Evil, anyone? Anyone?)
    • Now it’s clear that, as is so often the case, the domestic “crisis” at the southern border may well have been a set up from the start to justify yet another interventionist foreign policy under the auspices of self-defense.
  • MS13
    • As the trial of Our Man from Sinaloa, El Chapo Guzman proceeds in New York (bizarrely), we are reminded that drugs and crime are pouring over our borders. Given the inexhaustible evidence that our own pathocratic government contributes to the drug trade from El Chapo himself back through Iran-Contra (a pardoned Iran-Contra criminal, Elliott Abrams, is leading the charge in Venezuela by the way) and way beyond that (see Alfred McCoy’s The Politics of Heroin in Southeast Asia and of course Gary Webb’s Dark Alliance), it is an insult to suggest that a Latin Spring is necessary to conquer this blight.
  • We must protect Americans and allies
    • Secretary of Defense Pompeo attempted the circular argument that Guaidó is the “duly…uh…er…credentialed” President in Venezuela and has invited Americans there. Those Americans will be protected come what may. But putting Americans in harms way as a provocation for an excuse to use force in their defense is disingenuous and immoral, and in this case probably also illegal.
    • The US has diverted Venezuelan state oil money to Guaidó, putting his life in danger as the Venezuelan government seizes his bank accounts and restricts his movements. Again, a provocation we are willing to meet with force. (As a libertarian, I choke on the term “state-owned oil” but the fact is, the United States cuts deals with governments all the time–Nixon opened China for starters–this is not an action based on free market principles.) We’re looking for trouble, and if history is a guide, we will find it!
  • Venezuela is unstable, unjust and socialist

    We are clearly headed for a morass of the caliber of the one in the Middle East only this one is much closer to home. If you think the immigration problem or border crisis are bad now, wait until we start blowing up the countries that can source overland immigrants. Look at the EU….why do they have an immigration crisis? Refugees from countries we try to “help.” Not only do these interventions displace millions of ordinary citizens, they often throw wide the gates of prisons dispersing terrorists and criminals around the world through the rivers of humanity that result from our actions.

    The left is willing to justify killing and stealing in the name of humanitarianism, the right in the name of self-defense, but neither justification will be served as we invade Venezuela in this, the twilight of American world domination. As the former economic superpower declines, only its military gives it a clear advantage over the emergent power–this is the last chance for America to exploit this opportunity and that’s just what’s happening.

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