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Republican National Convention: Day OneThe prospect of Giuliani being Secretary of State is, horrifically, not dead. I’m no fan of Romney–he is obviously a play-actor who comes off like the gentlest guy in the world but is fully immersed in the Deep State, from his family’s decades-long involvement in politics to his clearly staged ranting about Trump, this guy is likely a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Giuliani, on the other hand, is a wolf in wolf’s clothing, and that’s the absolute worst thing you could have in the country’s top diplomat. Would you want this guy as the last barrier between the United States and war?

An article in The Wall Street Journal today presents the problem with Giuliani’s candidacy as having potential for cronyism and conflicts of interest–no doubt a very real risk, as we’ve seen before–but the potential for World War III on this guy’s watch is a far greater risk.

Rudy Giuliani Lobbies to Be Secretary of State
Former New York City mayor says his experience makes him uniquely qualified

After leaving the mayoral office in 2001, Mr. Giuliani founded Giuliani Partners, a management-consulting and security firm that advises companies and foreign governments on policing, security planning and counterterrorism….

Mr. Giuliani has been an outspoken proponent of regime change in Iran and scrapping the nuclear accord reached with Tehran last year. He has regularly appeared at events supporting an Iranian opposition group, called the Mujahedin-e Khalq, which the U.S. State Department designated as a terrorist organization from 1997 through 2012. His speaking fees for those events ranged from $25,000 to $40,000….

Mr. Giuliani said those concerns were unfounded and unfair. He said “90%” of the work undertaken by the firm is done on behalf of companies, not governments. “I don’t even know how to peddle influence,” he said.

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Just finished the Giuliani article – I was unaware of most of the details – but the very last paragraph hit on something that has occurred to me….w/ these guys back in the White House, will the 9/11 truth movement come out of the shadows again? Obama suppressed 9/11 truthers on the left, but strutting around with Christie (who brags of being made US attorney the day before 9/11) and Giluliani might be asking for trouble….

If ‘ we the people’ were in charge – a quick diplomatic end would be best, and Washington needs to recognize creating the FSA and Al Nusra was a mistake of the Obama Presdential and Democratic Party hubris. That the phony Progressive media hosts would rather point fingers at Bush or Trump rather than accept responsibility for the death toll in Syria, and reluctance get their own Democrat house in order, speaks volumes about the Progressives lack of integrity.

I think Syria and Iraq have suffered enough.

Special ReportsI Operation Inherent Resolve

“As of 4:58 a.m. EST Nov. 17, 2016, the U.S. and coalition
have conducted a total of 16,291 strikes (10,469 Iraq / 5,822 Syria).

U.S. has conducted 12,633 strikes in Iraq and Syria (7,107 Iraq / 5,526 Syria)”

There may be hope for those of us who would stop the escalation of U.S. wars in Syria and Iraq.

Trump Backs Off Promise To Bring Back Torture

US should attack Daesh terrorists, not President Assad: Trump

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