I walked past a bakery recently and saw some outrageously priced coffee with some heavy marketing elements that said something to the effect that it was grown by desperately poor farmers who sacrifice their children’s food to give you organic, environmentally-friendly coffee (they left out “to fuel your hyper-productive, obscenely materialistic lifestyle,” but that would have ruined the vibe.) My thought was, “I hate emotionally correct products.” And so a glossary-entry was born 🙂

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I started out life as a liberal (we are all born liberals). One of the things that moved me toward libertarian viewpoints is realizing that our EMOTIONS can play a very big role in our thinking. That the socialist Marxist liberal progressive mindset is based in just that , someone somewhere has more than you and that’s not fair !!!!!!!

Your brain reminds me of a mouse inside that wheel. Never stopping, I love it. I bet you drove your parents crazy as a young toddler.
On a serious note, yes emotional strings are the primary movers these days. I was blessed to have had a social studies teacher who just happened to be one of General Patton’s intelligence officers in WW2. He taught us the various types of propaganda. One being glittering generalities. He warned us in 1980 that the bleeding heart issues would be the main mover soon. Keep on fighting..

I’ll stay in the race as long as you do

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