[The original video disappeared, but you can still find the interview here.]

(If you watched to the very end, answer this question: Do you really think Larry Kudlow is a friend of Rand Paul’s? When was the last time Larry called Rand to help work through a personal problem or go fishing? That’s another technique – Hey, I really want to be on Rand’s side here, but even I, his friend, has to admit he was really wrong.)

Here’s a great one of Joan Rivers standing up to a CNN interviewer – I thought to myself, “They’ll get her back for that!” But they never got the chance – she died shortly thereafter.

And the all time best take-no-crap-from-an-interviewer…Mike Tyson: “You come across like a nice guy, but you’re really a piece of shit.” A must watch:

This post would not be complete without this classic of Ron Paul sick and tired of CNN’s b/s.

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