And the meme goes on…."Rand Paul ends Q&A when pressed on GOP voters' views on race and policing"

After reading that headline, what do you think you’re going to see in the video? Now actually watch the interview. It’s totally fine. As the interview is drawing to a close, Senator Paul says, “I have time for one more question.” One more question is asked and answered, then Senator Paul says he’s finished and walks off. Check out the spin the reporter throws down after that – as well as the misleading title of the article….
Rand Paul ends Q&A when pressed on GOP voters’ views on race and policing
You can even tell throughout the interview that the reporter is pushing the Rand-isn’t-ready-for-prime-time innuendo.
Here’s a little social media imagery from the article…
The establishment right and left are going after Rand. What are the themes to watch out for? “Not ready for prime time;” “testy, impatient;” “problem with women;” “racist;” “flip-flopper.” I hope Rand’s team is doing a study of how much harder the media is on him than on anyone else. Not that this would come as a surprise. Paul Lewis, the guardian writer who penned the article above, wrote in 2011 these words about Ron Paul, then running for the Republican presidential nomination as his son Rand is now:

Paul is portrayed as the crazy uncle at the family party. Which is a tragedy. Paul likely won’t win the 2012 nomination. His support is solid, enthusiastic, but hard to see growing very broad. But to cast him as a fringe weirdo says far more about the biases and idiocy of the media and his political rivals than it does about Paul.

I guess Lewis got the memo this time.


  1. Brian says:

    The media is harder on Paul than the others. He should expect this. His inability to remain calm and unaffected will be his undoing.

  2. Small Government is Best! says:

    When the Bush and Clinton crime families have a horse in a race, you can bet that they are in the primary source of most of the muckraking occurring in said race. (Lucky us in this race we have both crime families seeking to reclaim the Presidency!)
    While each of these political crime families uses a vast army of direct and indirect surrogates to perform the political muckraking towards their opponents, its undeniable that the Clinton and Bush machines are the primary beneficiaries of the smear campaign directed towards Rand Paul.
    It would serve your listeners well to listen again to President Dwight D. Eisenhower’s warning about the permanently entrenched military-industrial-complex:

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