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From the first Zika articles, the dots were easy to connect if you were looking for them:

Zika virus…Catholic countries…severe birth defects…birth control…abortion…

But maybe you haven’t yet noticed that every single thing in the mega-mainstream media like The Wall Street Journal is there for a reason and that reason is not to inform you but rather to manipulate you. If you haven’t gotten there yet (though I’m guessing you’re pretty close!), you might not read every article with an eye to what the manipulation is. Once you see the pattern, however, you can’t help but play my little newspaper-reading game: What’s the Agenda?

So if you were actually looking for the ZIKAgenda, you probably would have found it, and if you weren’t, you could have found it in my article on the subject back in February: ZIKAgenda. (This article is still worth a quick read.)

It took six months but at last, the ZIKAgenda is stated in no uncertain terms in Monday’s Wall Street Journal

Zika Virus Spread Renews Focus on Abortion Debate
Some Southern states, most vulnerable to spread of the virus, tighten restrictions

The renewed debate leapfrogs the questions of birth control and abortion in Catholic countries, which I highlighted in my February article, and gets right to pushing the envelope here at home focusing on late-term abortion:

The continued increase in the number of pregnant women possibly infected with Zika—which reached 529 in the states and the District of Columbia as of Aug. 11, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention—is focusing renewed attention on the controversial issue of late-term abortions.

Some sources suggest that microcephaly is best detectable in the late second or early third trimester, though my (awesome!) son with Down syndrome showed a brain size of <3% from the first ultrasound, and I have read that these abnormalities begin early in pregnancy. The Journal further reports, however, that

The fetus may appear healthy in early ultrasounds, only to display signs of birth defects late in the pregnancy, or after birth. Yet as more time passes, abortion becomes less of an option because of state restrictions on the procedure, especially late in pregnancy.

I would like to see some evidence of the causal relationship between Zika infection and late-onset microcephaly, if there even is such a thing. My skepticism is compounded as I recall an article I read a year or two ago (I think it was a letter to the editor in the WSJ or the NYT) whose author argued that anencephaly precluded a baby from being human. (I couldn’t find that one, but here is one that highlights a similar argument.) I found it a noteworthy coincidence that the dehumanizing, go-to birth defect used to promote abortion is the one Zika is alleged to cause.

I have repeatedly updated my original ZIKAgenda article with analyses of the highly questionable connection between Zika and microcephaly, and even pointed out that pesticides, which have been suspected of causing microcephaly and anencephaly for decades and across continents, are now being sprayed in Florida and could actually make the problem worse rather than better.

By another highly convenient coincidence…

Abigail Aiken, a researcher at the University of Texas at Austin and one of the study’s authors, said that while it was still unclear how prevalent Zika would become in the U.S., access to abortion for infected pregnant women was likely to become an issue in some areas. “The states likely to be hardest hit by Zika virus are also states where rates of unintended pregnancy are high and access to contraception and abortion services are most restricted,” Dr. Aiken said.

Here are a couple of other interesting, related articles….

SSRIs anti-depressants taken by mothers in the first trimester are associated with a 2.4x rate of anencephaly: Pregnant Mothers Should Not Take SSRI Antidepressants

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I tend to believe that this is part of a well thought out depopulation agenda but have to allow for deluded “experts” doing what, in their ignorance, seems like the right thing. The damage is the same either way and as with the Pokemon Go travesty, the masses will blindly go along with it never questioning the logic.

Thanks Monica, you are correct stating the relationship between microcephaly and pesticides. Dr Mercola stated that as well in one of his articles. There may be another agenda into the zika scare, mass vaccinations. Big pharma could have much to gain from this…

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