1. Monica Perez says:

    That’s so funny! I told Clark Howard about a similar book once called Money, Bank Credit & Economic Cycles. I said, “It’s just the book I was looking for! It’s got it all: money, bank credit AND economic cycles!” I asked him if he wanted me to get him a copy and he told me to read it and just tell him about it. At the time, I thought he was serious.
    As for the gun, it IS a movie prop – and he’s right about the M1 carbine too, as Joel informed me in the comment above – it’s worth about $15,000 now though!

  2. maryganssle says:

    My husband, who is pretty knowledgable about guns, says Heston’s gun looks like a tricked-out movie gun — probably an M1 carbine with a custom stock.
    He also said your huge “Interest Rates” book would probably make an interesting few paragraphs; he’s looking forward to reading your synopsis.

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