At least Sarah knew a set-up when she walked into one & gave it the ol’ college try.
I don’t care much for Sarah Palin’s neo-conservatism, but I didn’t like it when she was mocked for not snapping to the obscure and wonky phrase “Bush Doctrine” in her first major interview as VP candidate. It was clearly a set-up. Likewise, I’m not a fan of Gary Johnson’s brand of Libertarian Light (and I am downright horrified by his choice of running mate), but this “Aleppo” thing feels as devious as the Sarah Set-Up. Look at how Barnicle asks the question. It is as completely without context as possible. He looks like an arrogant smirking quiz show host. (It’s easy to know everything about everything when someone gives you all the answers in advance. Remember when Wolf Blitzer went on Jeopardy? Priceless.)

Lemme tell ya, I read a lot of news, starting with the first section of the Wall Street Journal every single day, cover-to-cover–all the so-called news and politics in the neo-con propagator of record. If something should be known by everyone in the media or government, I should know it. And while I do know Aleppo is the second biggest* city in Syria and is getting a lot of press for its strategic importance and all the fighting there, I would not have immediately realized that the refugee crisis is what one would want to know about in asking “What would you do about ALEPPO?” with nothing more. That said, Gary’s “What is Aleppo?” is a bummer of a retort. Maybe he should have gotten the questions in advance and reminded them: “Nothing too hard.” After all, it worked for Trump: Leaked Audio Catches Mika and Joe Chatting With Trump During Break: ‘Nothing Too Hard, Mika’ (Funny thing is, when I first posted the Mika/Trump audio, one reader commented, “I’m sure they did the same thing for Ron Paul.” I’m still laughing at that one.)

I wish I had the video of Gary’s appearance in its entirety, but this is all that’s handy on youtube…maybe the rest didn’t make him look like a moron so they cut it out. If you see one with more of the show before the Aleppo question, please let me know.

Unfortunately, I was correct in predicting that not only would this be the year that traditional small government conservatives (like the Tea Party) would be drowned out in the GOP, but also that the Libertarian Party (and by extension Ron Paul purists) would be neutralized. As a demonstration of the predictable result of the set-up, the video youtube teed up for me after the clip above was titled: Gary Johnson is a buffoon, as are most libertarians. Sadly, it is all going according to plan.

On the bright side, there’s this hilarious article about the NYT reporting on the story and getting the answer wrong–twice!!

For a little more fun, check out the ways these guys handled an ambush 🙂

CNBC Tries to Set Up Rand Paul with a Laundry List of Attack Memes – He Fights Back!


*Correction! I just checked my facts–Aleppo is the largest city in Syria, though Damascus is the capital. It is the second most important city in Syria. So wait, what? What is Aleppo??

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It was nice knowing you Libertarian party …. The only thing the Libertarians actually care about is getting pot legalized – Ann Culter. ….. When bad evil people come to America to kill us terrorize us and destroy our lives the only response from libertarians is – we shouldn’t get involved in other countries foreign entanglements. How does repeating that same statement protect us from bad people killing us ?????

Not killing secular Arab leaders and spreading terrorism like wildfire is how to stop people killing us. It’s not Ron Paul’s foreign policy that’s dangerous, it’s all the military industrial complex’s interventions that make this world dangerous. Read Washington’s farewell address – he explains it all.

Ok teacher if you want me to ,, the farewell address by our first president is now on my list. …. I just added the Rothbard reader to my Audible account so I’m working on the Monica reading list as best I can.

Ok teacher !! George Washington’s farewell address is now on my reading list for sure. I just added the Murry Rothbard reader to my audible account. I’m sorry teacher but when thousands and thousands of people kill and destroy thousands and thousands of Americans a much better idea would be for those enemies to choose MLK Jr. And Gandhi’s path to bringing there displeasure with governments to the attention of the world.

If Johnson gets in the debates he could win the election. I agree with you about context. Why ask a politico about Aleppo? and not Syria? Would a politico have an Aleppo policy? or a Syria policy?

Whenever my husband and I watch Celebrity Jeopardy, we turn to each other and say, “Remember Wolf Blitzer?” and we laugh and laugh. Thanks for that link. That was my second favorite Jeopardy show, the first being the one where John Lovitz said, “Well, Alex, I’d look pretty smart, too, if I had the answers in front of me.”

Enjoyed reading this. I’m a Johnson supporter because I can’t in my own right support elite Dems or Repubs. I know too much at this point to continue believing they support changing anything. Libertarians deserve a fair chance in the debates and media coverage so all who want to can make a more informed decision.

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