Why I Am Not Charlie: Podcast of January 10, 2015 Show

For a quick answer to the question of why I am not Charlie, go to my 2015 podcasts page here and click on the word comments in the upper left.

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Here’s the crazy picture I mention on the show.
This is where I found out about the Charlie Hebdo investigator’s “suicide.”
Here is a follow up video by SCG about the picture of the policeman I posted:


  1. Monica Perez ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    If you want to know the short answer of why I am not Charlie – check out my answer to Charles’ question in the comments section on my 2015 podcasts page. Click here for the page then click on the word “comments” in the upper left of the page.

  2. charles from duluth says:

    My father told me when he got his drivers license in Virgina about 1940,he had to learn a poem. Here lies the body of William Jay, who died maintaining his right of way ,he was right dead right as he sped along but he is just as dead as if he were wrong!
    Jews and Christians live by the law of Greek philosophy of democracy. Arab Muslims
    live a different culture.I like some things of Islam,like not drinking booze. If I had a Muslim at a party I would respect them and not try to talk them into drinking. There are no pictures of Mohammed or portraits. A vile representation of the prophet is a vile representation of a whole culture. There are violent extremest in all cultures;remember Timothy McVeigh and what he did to the Federal Building in Oklahoma City in 1995. Since the Powers that rule, benefit by mixing cultures, we little people need to resist propaganda of hate, our rulers spew on us so they may profit! I am glad President Obama did not rush over to Paris, because Terrorists could delight in having yanked our chain.

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