Why Do Millennials Reject Capitalism?

A majority of millennials now reject capitalism, polls show
Does this mean the when Bernie pulls Hillary & the Democratic platform to the left Trump & the GOP will follow? Should we talk about free markets v central control & redistribution of wealth on the show this week? How bout cronyism–does free market capitalism even exist anymore??


  1. Bradrad says:

    Schools teach that capitalism inevitably leads to monopolies, which is a lie. Kids are so easy to fool , that they can be convinced that there are only 2 clear choices: monopoly man or Karl Marx, when in reality they are both alike. The monopoly man uses his influence on the government man to profit at the expense of others(not capitalism), and karl marx uses government to throw out Monopoly man and become the new monopoly man(also not capitalism). In both cases, when the people become so miserable that they start losing money themselves, they allow a little capitalism in to keep the money flowing in. Then they claim that they have “saved the country” by easing their cruel hand.
    We’re all very lucky that Nature works against them both, and liberty sneaks in through the cracks, else everyone would have perished already 10 times over. Liberty is what takes over when the planning utterly fails. And capitalism is just a liberty of commerce and a respectfulness of property.
    I’m not overly optimistic that a majority will ever learn this so that they can avoid what is happening to us now in the future, because the government man has your children. So I guess the news is good and bad.

  2. Nick Cooper says:

    How about how the words “capitalism” and “socialism” don’t really mean anything to the layperson on the Left (like many Millennials) anymore? Essentially, they think “socialism” = “things I like” and “capitalism” = “things I don’t like.” When confronted with the reality of what those terms ACTUALLY mean, though, they’re more inclined to change their tune (http://reason.com/poll/2014/07/16/millennials-dont-know-what-socialism-mea), especially when they get jobs (https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/in-theory/wp/2016/03/24/millennials-like-socialism-until-they-get-jobs/)

    It’s one hell of a hit job that the progressive media establishment have perpetrated against capitalism.

      1. Nick Cooper says:

        I feel like language is important, and it is important that we take that term back. and people like you are keeping the intellectual fire burning brightly! That is what we need! Keep prodding and pushing, and eventually, we will win the war back in our favor! Keep fighting, soldier!

  3. Tony says:

    Hmmmmm. From a secular view I would say it’s typical for spoiled brats to take everything for granted. In a Biblical view, it’s a reprobate mind. As Americans our birthright is freedom. Liberals are willing to sell their birthright for a bowl of soup. Free market is a component of freedom. Not enough space here to go into detail, and my short memory will kick in.
    I’ll stay in the race as long as you do.

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