Why Do Millennials Reject “Capitalism?” podcast of June 11 2016 show

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  1. johndjasper says:

    Excellent show, Monica! The opening gambit with the Flat Earther was pure genius. You demonstrated to everyone listening how it’s important to listen to other people’s crazy ideas (I.e. anything other than your own beliefs) and not just dismiss it out of hand. Hopefully, the message will have hit home on at least a few of the audience!

    Concorde, hey! Didn’t you do well! Business or pleasure?

    Is it possible that the curvature you saw was just from shape of the window? Author Liam Scheff reminded me in a recent videocast that one of the most obvious proofs is the Earth’s shadow during an eclipse. If someone believes that the moon is an Earth control machine and that stars are just lights on a ceiling then none of this will convince them.

    There were lots of enlightened callers to the show and they were only slightly offset by a few diehard “obey or die” types.

    As an aside, the common response to government spying is “No problem if you ain’t got nuthing to hide.” but how about when martial law is declared and the government shows its true tyrannical teeth? All that surveillance and weaponry will be used to keep us from fighting for our freedom.

    1. Monica Perez ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

      Yes! My investment banking days were quite heady! I recall being so exhausted (I frequently did not get to sleep all night!!) that I promptly fell asleep on “the rocket” – missed all the caviar and everything!

      I also forgot to tell caller Mark that in one week I flew from NY to Frankfurt to Singapore to Indonesia to Japan to LA to NY…I circumnavigated the globe! (same job 🙂 ) And at no time did the oceans or the sun seem out of place compared with where they would be if the earth were shaped like a globe.

      Finally, I got this email after the show: “At sea, the curvature of the earth, causes a limit to radar beams picking up ships over the horizon. The beam travels in a straight line. Take an orange or any round object and place a straight piece of wood, a ruler works, on the round object. At an angle. You can see the end of the wood points out into space. The Battle of the Coral Sea, fought during 4–8 May 1942, was a major naval battle in the Pacific Theater of World War II between the Imperial Japanese Navy and naval and air forces from the United States and Australia. The battle was the first action in which aircraft carriers engaged each other, as well as the first in which neither side’s ships sighted or fired directly upon the other. My words:They were over the horizons, which you can’t have if the earth were flat. Maybe this is a way to divert conjecture from “Real” issues. Or to sort out who the government doesn’t have to worry about?”

      Another good argument!

      I didn’t feel that I had to really go head to head with the guy – honestly, I never thought too hard about round v flat earth, but now I have identified at least some verification with my own experience rather than simply accept it because it’s told to us…but the email brings up the one point that tempts me to dismiss such calls: could be a way to waste my time or make those who question look crazy or stupid…I’ve fallen for diverting, misleading or filibustering calls in the past, so I try to be on guard against that…layers upon layers of deception!!!!

      I’m really glad my message was clear: never dismiss, always refute! Why laugh at the guy? Plus, I really wanted to know why people think that! I wasn’t even sure it wasn’t some kind of euphamism, “flat earther”….

      And the nothing to hide thing…honestly, I have a story I won’t go into where a good man, very obedient, made that argument to me–word for word “if you have nothing to hide”–and ended up losing everything at the hands of the very forces he had defended…he did say to me later that he had thought my strictness w/ regard to principle had been behind the times but then realized they were in fact ahead of them….of course, I think they are universal across time and place and that the only reason I seemed behind the times is that they had been forgotten and the only reason I ended up ahead of the times was, having been forgotten, we then saw why they were established in the first place. Make sense? (Hope so!)

      1. johndjasper says:

        OMG! Because I’m not engaged in confidential business planning, I never thought of it in that way. That the spying could be used, much as the patent office is reportedly used, to steal intellectual property should have occurred to me because I’ve read the story of a businessman who made the mistake of discussing a business venture with Bill Clinton at a social do, possibly hoping for Clinton-financial backing, only to find the next day or so that he’d been dropped in favour of an independent Clinton bid. Additionally, in a Forsyth novel from decades back, the plot involved the US government using spy satellite data on the Soviet wheat harvest to inform international negotiations. It isn’t proof of actual abuse of a “defense” system but knowing how much fact is represented in fiction, certainly not outside the bounds of possibility.

        We all have things to protect such as passwords, PINS, medical history, confidential legal matters and in a free society there would be no reason why we would have to divulge this information to anyone without our consent.

        Sticking to Principles! Definitely!

        Someone posted just the other day:
        The answer is liberty. Now what’s the question?

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