“People of the same trade seldom meet together, even for merriment and diversion, but a conversation ends in a conspiracy against the public, or in some contrivance to raise prices.” Adam Smith

The award against Gawker in the Hulk Hogan case was so out of all proportion, one had to wonder what it was all about. The only possible explanation I could think of is that it was meant to get the media to self-censor, but that would mean that someone with a bigger agenda was behind the Hulk.

Enter Peter Thiel. Just this week, Peter Thiel was revealed as the money man behind the exposed wrestler’s suit. Libertarians might recognize Thiel’s name. He was a supporter of Ron Paul and other libertarian causes, however, I’ve smelled a rat with this guy ever since I read that he sits on the steering committee of the Bilderberg Group. Upon further investigation, one finds that Thiel, co-founder of Paypal, was also an early investor in Facebook (alongside the CIA?) and is now a delegate for Donald Trump’s unlikely campaign.

Could Thiel be the kind of front man Pierre Omidyar, another tech billionaire (whose eBay bought Paypal in 2002), seems to be? Omidyar is the money behind Glenn Greenwald and The Snowden Project via The Intercept, but also worked hand in hand with the US government to overthrow the democratically elected government of Ukraine, the very Deep State stuff Greenwald & Snowden proclaim to work against.

As I have observed before, the relatively new Big Tech oligopoly seems to be leapfrogging Big Farm & Big Pharma to stand shoulder to shoulder with the Big Three of the M-I-C, Energy, Finance & Defense, putting in place what I’ll hereby dub the next generation of “the world operating system.”


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This could have a much simpler explanation. Gawker outed Peter Thiel as gay when he didn’t want it publicly revealed. He couldn’t sue for that. You run around ticking off billionaires and sooner or later one is going to find a way to hit back.

Excellent point! I had read that and should have brought it up…I didn’t find that to be a sufficient explanation–anything this effective which looks like the fix was in, in my opinion, has to serve a larger agenda.

The things we think are important are so funny sometimes 😅😂 …. Hogans friend figured out a way to make millions $$$$ so he ran with it. I wonder how many modern celebs (women) “accidently” have sex and nude pics released. Even subconsciously …. Peter Thiel is “different ” he banks at my bank. It’s a different type of bank , they interrogate you as to why did you find us ? Who are you ? Why do you want to bank with us ? Etc etc … Mr. Thiel is gay , he may have spent time in gay clubs where people may have taken pics he does not want out ??? Who knows ???

Every time I think of conspiracy theory I think of the quote “if you don’t have a plan , you will fit into someone else’s plan” ….. The best quote I ever heard about economics is the most simplest “people make economic decisions” …. Not the last show but the one before that Monica said about children and there education “they need to learn how to count money” and “I just want to sit in a room and read books” …. How did Monica get in side of my head ???? Now that is a conspiracy lol !!!!

We often hear there are “two sides to every story”. Actually, there could be multiple sides. Here is a side (see provided link below) related to Thiel’s position as an “Immigration Patriot”. This matter is certainly complex, and as is often the case, more than one agenda can be involved. Do check out the provided link below.


with Thiel’s associations with Facebook, the Bilderberg Group and other clearly globalist-agenda-promoting institutions, the only explanation for an article like this that I find plausible is that they are continuing to try to present Thiel as an independent actor when it is clear to me that he’s not…on the other hand, he did actually contribute to Ron Paul, but even then I thought the underlying goal was to establish a libertarian legacy for Thiel and not because he actually wanted Ron Paul to be president.

I actually am well aware of the principal of this organization I linked above and I visited with him last month. “Immigration” is a major focus and Thiel is on the right side of that issue. His other focuses are certainly of concern. It’s not all consistent how folks align their positions.

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