Have you ever noticed how horrible government ads are? Meth billboards with bloody sputum, miserable overweight kids designed to sicken moms? These ads might not be tolerated on the grounds of decency, verity or good taste from the private sector, but the government is held to lower standards. I have long been horrified by the upside down priorities of government, not to mention that government efforts to control behavior often backfire. Prohibition led to a 400% INCREASE in alcohol consumption in the United States. Currently, the Drug War takes far more lives than illegal drugs themselves. 45,000 people have died in the US-exported Mexican Drug War over the past six years, while only 4,500 people die of illegal drug use in the US annually. (This contrasts with 15,000 deaths per year in the US from prescription painkillers–see my article on this.)
This latest ad from government not only offends the sensibilities, it attempts to redefine morality: It’s cute to lie to your kids for a good cause, and what cause could be better than Michelle Obama’s War Against Obesity. Check it out…
Karen Singer Avrech on Andrew Breitbart’s Big Government blog articulates well her disgust with this sort of thing. If you want to read her brief article, click here.
This recent example reminded me of a disgusting commercial I saw in LA when I lived there a few years ago. I have a good sense of humor and this is supposed to be funny but I couldn’t crack a smile as this aired on my toddler’s show, Animal Atlas.

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I was stupified when I saw the TV ad encouraging women to lie to their children! Insult was added to injury when I considered that the ad was paid for with my own money. I don’t mind Democrats having a different political mindset, but I hate the arrogance that allows some of them to think they know what’s best for me and that the ends justify the means in order to control my behavior, ostensibly for my own good.
Loved your statistics about Prohibition, etc.! Clearly, our personal safety is often endangered by government actions, especially their unintended consequences. We should be aware of this and vote accordingly, for as Pericles said more than 2 millenia ago, “Just because you do not take an interest in politics doesn’t mean politics won’t take an interest in you.”

i think the big picture is there’s no need for this over reaching goverment that we have now.Thats way were seeing a big push back from the right . Its just not what this country needs and hasn’t done well in the past from it. Just when it going to stop , please tell me?

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