What’s the Real Reason Obama Wants to Increase Overtime Pay?

I think I’ve figured out why Obama wants to raise overtime pay.…When Obamacare kicks in for full time workers, what will businesses do? Hire part-timers, right? Yes, but what about jobs they need experienced people to do full time? Fire some of them and make the rest work overtime. The workers get more hours and the employers have fewer individuals to Obamacare-for – and fewer people get health insurance through work. If Obama can make those incremental hours marginally more costly to employers, it would offset some of the benefit of reducing the number of Obamacare recipients for that employer since the first 40 hours of another worker would be marginally cheaper wage-wise than giving out those 40 hours as overtime to a leaner staff.

Here’s the report from The New York Times about Obama’s plan to dictate a raise in overtime pay:

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