Monica I just want to say I love to listen to your show. You seem so level headed and sincere. I don’t know for sure but maybe I’m a libertarian. Anyway I just wanted you to know I’m a fan of the show. Thanks

Wow.. The callers on this show were so mad at you. . Haha. Anyways, most of them were OBVIOUSLY not listening, just butt-hurt. Great job Monica – as always.

Wow! That was livelier than the DNC show, possibly because Trump fans see him as their saviour from the Bush/Clinton continuum. Hillary fans have to be braindead or psychopaths riding her coattails so you really wouldn’t expect much discussion from them.

Monica, you sounded worn-out in the last hour after dealing with many difficult calls but you still performed well right to the end.

I believe that anarcho-capitalism is beyond theory as it is employed at the nation state level and in most peoples’ lives daily. If we were taught from birth the true meaning of freedom as opposed to government and its interference in our lives, a true belief in the rule of law, and the principle of non-aggression, anarcho-capitalism would be the global default. 🙂

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