What Did Jefferson Say Would Leave Our Children Homeless? Podcast of July 28 Show

My seven-year-old was doing a class project on Lewis & Clark. One of the questions each student had to answer about his or her historical subject was how much a gallon of milk cost during their lifetime. It was hard to find a chart of historical price levels, probably because it’s so crazy looking. I finally found one at a teacher’s resource website. The price level is almost flat throughout the 19th century. Price levels actually go down a little while employment levels go up. After 1900 things change. The Fed is created in the early 20th century and, more important, the gold window is closed by Nixon in 1971. The impact is stunning. The steep curve you see is the Fed / govt / banking cartel stealing the people’s money. Here’s what it looks like & to hear some great dialogue on the subject, here is the podcast of today’s show.

Monica Perez Show July 28, 2013, Hour 1
Monica Perez Show July 28, 2013, Hour 2

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