Were the Founders Libertarians? podcast of July 4 2016 show


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  1. Does not Matter says:

    Since there is no thread for last Saturdays show I will hijack this.
    I have noticed an absolute dependence on the FBI by our local LE. I attend Neighborhood Watch in my S. Fla. city and the officers routinely credit the feds for collars.
    They have the technology that local LE could never compete with. FBI also has a robust precrime operation.
    I think HUD was the downfall of local .gov independence. Once those Section 8 checks started rolling in. Then it was just a matter of time before local LE became cucks for the FBI.

  2. hugh says:

    Great show. I also spent the time to listen to the entire clip you provided of Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt on “The Secret History of Western Education”. Thank you, thank you! She is one of my favorites. Instinctively, from prior readings, and from observing my nephews, I knew there were big problems in our ‘education’, and this clip reinforced my hunch and added much to my base of knowledge on the subject. C.S.Lewis nailed it with his quote on the matter, “If you substitute workforce training for education, that’s the end of civilization, that’s the end of the human being as an entity, as opposed to being an animal”. Charlotte added “that’s the end of the human soul, the end of the conscience”. And indeed, later in the clip, the powers that be were moving to “redefine man as an animal” with their various studies and agendas.

    Those of us on the Republican side of the aisle are constantly reminded how great Ronald Reagan was. I remember him, somewhat with disdain, for his amnesty for illegal aliens, but Charlotte talked about Reagan’s pre-election pledge to shut down the department of education, which I do recall (gray hair here). Well, Reagan did not do that, in spite of having direct knowledge that our education system was Marxist indoctrination. Charlotte will never forgive him on that.

    And I learned that the word “Illuminati” has been around awhile. It was referenced in a subtitle to a book written in 1798 by John Robison – “Proofs of a Conspiracy” ‘against all the religions and governments of Europe – Free Mason, Illuminati, and Reading Societies’. And a special note to Monica, ‘dropping borders’ was mentioned in that old book! The open borders libertarians are playing right into the hands of the Globalists. Indeed, I do wonder if the original libertarian concept was a strategy of the Globalists to harness or channel their opposition? I really don’t think many libertarians have thought it through (not including Monica in that group).

    Everyone should view this video!!!!

    P.S. Re Monica’s show: I doubt the Founders were libertarians as they would not have accepted open borders and the multiculturalism we have today. That’s my thought.

  3. Bradrad says:

    Exposure to politics is bad for a man’s character. A good man may have the best intentions going in, but even the most noble men decline over time. So, to answer the question of what the founding fathers were, I would guess they were well meaning men at the beginning, and in various stages of moral and ideological decay toward the ends. Some may have found themselves again after getting out of power, but that is much harder. My belief on this has become so strong that I expect no good from political actions of any kind. There is some hope for the criminal element though. Anyone who can disobey the state as it is nowadays must have some grit.

  4. Tony says:

    The better question to ask. By today’s standard would they be considered libertarian? The answer would be (my best guess) either a simple yes or many would also consider them bible thumping extremists. That being said I would gladly invite them into my home for as long as they wanted to stay.

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