In debating a fellow libertarian who was disappointed that I’m not an advocate for unconditional open borders (to read why not, see my comprehensive article on the subject: The Libertarian Immigration Conundrum), I told him that one-off libertarian solutions are sometimes a trap when employed in the context of the Welfare-Warfare Superstructure. As a matter of fact, I think the corporate libertarians who are making their marks in the mainstream media often pick and choose their libertarian positions based on what their handlers sponsors prefer. (The GMOs legislation debate is an embarrassing case in point.) In any case, I thought this term was one for the glossary!

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I think it’s a little bit statist to use force to preserve a nation-state, especially when immigrants are denied their freedom of movement. You put the state or collective above the individual when the individual should be above the state. Are you sure you are anarchist at all?

Did you read the article? I am an anarcho-capitalist. We live in a welfare-warfare superstructure that has implications. I just point out that there are interested parties that promote certain policies (immigration policy, drug policy) who are clearly anticipating the implications of their policies within the welfare-warfare superstructure without any desire to implement a libertarian society, but who use libertarian arguments in the narrow cases where those arguments can justify their specific policy goals, knowing full well the long term outcome of the policies will be to foster their goal of an authoritarian world government without the natural resistance that arises from the social power of tightly knit communities. State power is the opposite of social power and can only be battled by social power which is why statists make as their top priority diminishment of social power. Please read the entire article to the end. I spent a lot of time and effort thinking it through and laying it all out and I’m absolutely open to refining my arguments, but they are complex and better taken as a whole than covered in a series of one-off back and forth volleys.

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