TWA Flight 800

I remember when this movie came out last year – I was eager to watch it. Since then, however, I have discovered that many “documentaries” that purport to tell the truth about some mysterious event often are contaminated by cognitive infiltration and end up making the “conspiracy theory” look ridiculous whether it has merit or not. These types of films get us further from the truth rather than closer to it, so I usually avoid this stuff altogether. Recently, however, I decided to watch this film as I dug into the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, and I gotta say, I am now totally convinced that TWA Flight 800 was downed by missile and that the “investigation’s” main purpose was to cover it up.

Perhaps I would have watched it sooner if I had discussed the topic with my mother. She is a Brooklynite born and bred with parents straight off the boat from Ireland. Most of the family moved to Long Island by the third generation, though we moved in the other direction – “Upstate” – where Bronxites move, not Brooklynites; where Yankees fans abound and so too, suspect my city-cousins, lumberjacks! (Not kidding!) So Long Islanders are my mother’s people – down to earth, no-nonsense Brooklynites-once-removed. Upstate or not, though, my mother’s no hayseed. With 85 years under her belt, she has been around enough to tell the difference between the masterful con artists that only New York can breed and the no bullshit New Yorkers who rightly cuss you out if you don’t start moving fast enough when the light turns green.

She also doesn’t follow me down the rabbit hole if she can possibly help it. She’s skeptical of everyone – the government, her doctor, me – everyone! She won’t even listen to my “theory” that Tamerlan Tsarnaev, with his CIA connections, might not be exactly as he was portrayed, or that Edward Snowden with HIS CIA connections, also might not be exactly what he is portrayed as being. So when I mentioned TWA Flight 800 to her during a conversation about Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, I was shocked to hear her shoot back in her inimitable Brooklyn accent: “Oh, yeah, a ship shot that down! That’s what they said. People saw it.”

I was totally convinced by the documentary and wouldn’t have changed my mind no matter what my mother said, but it was like a “Mikey likes it” moment of, “Wow, if SHE thinks it was a missile….”

Anyhoo, a long-winded way of saying: highly recommend.

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    Read “The Man Who Warned America: The Life and Death of John O’Neil the FBI’s Embattled Counter-terror Warrior by Murray Weiss (a childhood friend). A criminal justice writer with the NY Daily News and a close acquaintance with John O’Neill. It changed my mind knowing Murray wrote it.

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