Trump Bait? Podcast of August 8, 2015 Show


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But what did Trump really mean??

Check this out…In the same interview, two minutes after Trump said of Megyn Kelly, “You could see there was blood coming out of her eyes. Blood coming out of her wherever,” he said of Chris Wallace, he had “blood pouring out of his eyes too.” (at time markers 2:56 and 4:55 in the video below). What do you think Trump meant? Is the grossest possible interpretation still the most likely one? And do you agree Don Lemon was baiting Trump?


  1. Rob Martin says:

    It was as with all interviews of late have been set up to try to insure the downing of the Trump balloon. See the publicity(hot air) the media gives the better his numbers in the poles. The are not happy so now they are trying to right their wrong. As far as his comment, there was nothing meant by it. My wife thought nothing of it. However political correctness has such a huge strong hold on us now that it has an adverse effect on the way of thinking. His best bet is to not leave anything for interpritation, and try not to do things that can be misconstrude as sexist, racist, demeaning to females.

    1. hugh says:

      Rob, good comment until you got to your suggestion as the ‘best bet’ to proceed. If Trump follows that suggestion, he might as well keep his mouth closed and go home. And that is what PC is all about…shutting down all dissent as any comment can be intentionally misconstrued!. PC is insidious, it’s downright evil. We are being destroyed by it!

  2. Bradrad says:

    I for one find this all very humorous. I think that it’s funny that Trump gets labeled a mysoginist after the way he labeled Mexicans. I find it funny that erik erikson gets labeled a pc patrolman after the way he slandered libertarians and Ron Paul supporters. I find it humorous that megan Kelly gets some of that “fair and balanced” back her way. I think they are all getting what they want. They all favor aggression. they all got some.

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