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Ferguson, #BlackLivesMatter and #ICantBreathe protesters are run by professional activists as a well funded and well controlled opposition. Anyone else involved has been duped. This operation was designed to demonize legitimate anti-police militarization and anti-police brutality voices, which were genuine, organic, grass roots, opposition. Now 98% of hard working Americans believe anyone against police militarization and brutality is a dangerous troublemaker who supports criminals over the police.

Benghazi was a Neocon Zionist run attack designed to tar and feather Obama as well as boost the odds for the election of Romney. Had Romney won the election, the GOP never would have said another word about Benghazi. That was the plan, but it didn’t work. The Neoncon Zionists then resorted to a hastily contrived “Plan B” and began telling dangerous half-truths about our federal government funding, arming, training, and running al Qaeda & Associates, with the express intention of blaming this policy on Obama ONLY, when, in fact, that policy dates back to July 1979 and involved both political parties.

aj,The film I saw on the internet, which was supposed to have caused Benghazi,was bogus.I believe Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton was blaming the film. Is her son-in-law a Zionist ? I do not believe Zionists are anti-Obamists, be they Neocon Zionist or Leftist Zionist. I believe President Obama and President Netanyahu have nothing but respect for each other regardless of what smoke mainstream media blows . July 1979;,SALT2,Shah of Iran,Carter administration,Kissinger,Soviets plan to invade Afghanistan ?

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