Tomorrow’s Show: The Parallels Between The Trump Phenomenon & The Brexit…What are they? Are they real?

Is there a “populist movement” a la the 1930s as we are being told everyday in the mainstream media? Is this an emotional and shortsighted manifestation of legitimate grievances against the power at the top?

Seems to me both the Trump movement & the Brexit are being portrayed as the little guy lashing out but not really understanding the forces at work. The consequences, we are told, will be disastrous….

Does anyone else notice this? Am I reading too much into it? I want to kick off the discussion tomorrow with your comments so let’s get the conversation started here & now

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As inferred in previous posts, I agree with your assessment. And, I wished Trump would be the real deal, but I am seeing this played out with the elite writing the screenplay. This should not be deemed s populist movement but more a free market movement or other like constitutional type movements. The head of this movement should be attractive, articulate, with the ability to define the globalist for who they really are. Can we at least get started with drawing up a list as who can fill these shoes? Seems Ted Kennedy came up with one who muddied these waters pretty good????

From the right perspective there is a similar tone with Trump and Brexit. Take away the layers concerning Brexit, and jail time for selling bananas. One will find a movement that contradicts Liberty. Study the origin of the EU and one can connect lines far back as the Nazi party. Compare that to our political atmosphere and it doesn’t take a genius to connect the dots.

I’ll take this one at face value. The people have been crying out for years to close the borders and stop the immigration invasion of “illegals” and also of “legals”, both of which are taking American jobs across the spectrum. The people have been crying out to stop the outsourcing of jobs. And there are other very serious matters. We see what is happening in Europe with the tremendous influx of dissimilar peoples. So I certainly see a commonality between Trump and Brexit. The movements are real and as you see them. I really think Trump is real. He is the perfect messenger to reach a large cross section of people. And my hunch is many on this blog have not taken in Trump’s prepared speeches. I’m not referring to his off the cuff deliveries. They are serious, solid, and with detail. The wild card will be what revenge will the maniacal elites extract for the people daring to protest! It could be utter destruction. What did Patrick Henry say?

Immigrants do not take U.S. jobs. Either they do the work, or it goes undone. When it goes undone, prices go up, and you become the author of your own suffering. Ask a farmer. You could have a maid, a cook, a gardener or a chauffer on a middle class income if you racists would stop making honest cash work illegal.

It’s the establishment that you beg to make honest work illegal. All I ask is that you leave people alone that aren’t actually hurting you. You have the roles backwards, hugh. You appeal to government to use force. I appeal to anyone who will listen, not to.
It’s called the Non-Aggression principle, and you should learn it.

This is Richard from a rural (i.e. Vote Leave) region of England.
I voted Leave simply because the EU growth rate is around 1.5% – whilst the developing regions of the world have a growth rate of 5-6%. Clearly it makes sense to dump the EU and to trade with the energetic countries.
That said, I suspect that most Vote Leavers wanted to complain about immigration. Don’t get me wrong, the UK is NOT a racist country … we have taken huge numbers of immigrants over the years. The current problem is simple : there has been a lot of immigration from Eastern Europe over the last few years. There have simply been too many people, too quickly. Getting doctor’s appointments for example is now difficult. In the main street of my local town, you mostly hear Polish or Russian now. For a town which has seen little change over centuries, this change over a couple of years has upset people. This is being repeated all over the UK. People don’t seem to care that the Eastern Europeans are civilised people who work incredibly hard for poor money. They do care however that ‘entry level’ or ‘basic’ jobs are no longer available to non-immigrants – employers clearly prefer hard working, cheap staff. On top of this, the rural population and the poor hate the Fat Cats in London who control everything – and take everything. The referendum vote was close, so the rich, the political class and the urban sophisticates are doing their best to overturn it. However if they succeed in using trickery to subvert the vote then I expect real civil unrest. Luckily we don’t have guns in the UK!
Anyway, to summarise: the vote against the EU in the UK was essentially a ‘gut reaction’ vote by rural inhabitants, the old, the poor and the disadvantaged against the political class, the rich and the urban elite. I hope that clarifies things from this side of The Pond.

It is so great to read a post from “across the pond”. Ethnically I’m half English, so I have an affinity to your thoughts. I would make two comments to your post. Number 1, don’t be concerned about the word “racist”. That word is a very new PC word designed to thwart discussion about very real concerns. Number 2, I’ve conversed with numerous folks from England that talk about a very heavy Pakistani (and related) settlement into England. My wife just mentioned one of her English (now American) tennis friends talked about that very issue. Demographic projections predict England will not be majority populated by English people much longer, and the majority will be Muslim. That really bothers me. And that is not meant to be an anti-Muslim statement. Don’t the British have a natural right to retain their homeland, without a government agenda to change out the people? Richard, the same thing is happening here in the US. It is not racist to resist the dispossessition of one’s homeland! Thanks for checking in over here. Go Brexit!

Hello Hugh,
The Brexit vote was not related to Islam or non-white immigration to the UK.
Our major cities are now around 50% peacefully populated by people who were born outside the UK .. but our rural towns see relatively few non-white people.
In should however be noted that, as an American tourist here recently said, “In the UK, black people are just people.” Over the years I have worked here with many Hindus, Sikhs and Moslems. Until recently, I have seen no racism towards any of these people. There has been a change ‘tho … Young men with rucksacks on public transport are viewed with great suspicion. In the short term the UK has the Eastern European immigration problem … but longer term the much more difficult “Islamification of Europe” issue will need resolving … somehow. Frau Merkel has not helped. I would not be surprised if many beautiful European cities end up looking like Aleppo …

Thanks kindly for your response. I must say what you write is very contrary to what I am hearing from multiple sources. Perhaps your locale hasn’t experienced a major influx of non-british folks yet. I attended a talk not too long ago given by a barrister visiting from England and he stated in many “English” rural towns you will not witness the ‘sounds, smells, or sights’ of England…they will be of Pakistan or India. And this is not meant to be a racist statement as our controllers would wish us to believe, to shut us up. To help you better understand where I come from, I’m attaching a link Monica had on her Facebook page yesterday. Most people naturally gravitate to their own tribe, and when dissimilar peoples arrive in massive numbers and change things to their ways, problems ensue.

Hello again,
We are both correct!
The small industrial towns are, as you say, very Asian in flavour.
However the small agricultural towns (such as mine) are now very Eastern European in feel.
Migrants migrate to areas which appeal to them. I suspect that rural=poor for Asians so they prefer industrial areas.
Eastern Europeans are however very happy working very hard in the fields … work which unemployed English won’t touch.
As for your other comments, sociobiology suggests that up to a certain percentage (16%?), new arrivals are treated as “guests” and above that figure the “invasion alert” gene is triggered. The new arrival proportion in some towns is now around 14%. Could explain the referendum result. Simply biology at work.

Excellent show, congratulations I agree with your perspective, there’s more to see to the trump phenomenon. This very same thing happened in 1998 in Venezuela and we all know what’s the reality today

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