Do you smell a rat with how this “Sony Hack” is unfolding? I know you do because I’ve gotten an unprecedented amount of emails etc. telling me the story seems a bit contrived. This is a big operation to be a put-up job, but stranger things have happened. I’ll be reading your comments on the air, but you can call in yourself during the show at 404-872-0750 and 800 WSB TALK.

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Much as I would like to listen to the show the Atlanta Writers Club has its monthly meeting from 1:30 PM on including a social gathering for the holidays. The club just celebrated its 100th anniversary. Now back to the subject to leave the movie itself is of little interest there have been comedy movies about other dictators. I would be more upset if the new movie Unbroken or the Stephen Hawking movie were to be canceled. The problem with the dictator of North Korea is that he has access to nuclear weapons and missiles with enough range to cause grief to other countries. Plus the fact that he is to me mentally unstable. All he cares about is being feared or seen as a macho man. and he is 미친 which according to translation is crazy in the Korean language. There is to me no shame in what Sony has decided at this time. But because of this the United States needs to come up with a solution such as putting a system similar to Iron Dome in South Korea.

I smell a rat. It’s all too convenient, with too many “wins’ for the establishment. I’m reading the establishment intends attempt again to con the congress into passing some sort of Internet legislation to “protect us”. So let’s scare everyone now and provide our ‘esteemed’ legislatures with cover to pass the bill. Oh, and we always need as many enemies as possible, so let’s stoke the North Korean bogeyman again to keep that scare fresh in the minds of the gullible public. Here’s a link below from an expert who doesn’t buy the establishment line. And he appears to be real, per an Internet search I ran:

But since it’s Christmas almost, please let me share a link that provides beautiful music and you don’t need to sign up (I don’t allow ‘social media’ on my devices!). If you can stream from a computer to a bluetooth speaker, or connect otherwise, you are there. The site URL is . Select ‘genres’, then select ‘Christmas’, and you will be presented with a multitude of sub-genres, each of which will play multiple songs. I’m listening to the ‘Celtic’ sub-genre at the moment and it’s truly beautiful. Seems to me I recall there might be some Irish folks on this site!

Smell a lot of rats! Oh brother.
1. Is North Korea, the poorest country on earth able to have such sophisticated abilities? Wow, who knew.
2. Even if they did hack into an entertainment company’s computers, why is this a “National Security Issue”? It is WAY out of proportion to me that the POTUS, FBI, NSA is flipping their lid so much over an entertainment company’s comedy release. I don’t think for a second that N.Korea is behind this. Probably CIA, ex-employee or even an unemployed college grad.
3. But wait. Breaking news. Fox reports that North Korea may not have done it. There isn’t any evidence. But definitely, says Fox and the FBI, if they didn’t do it, one of those other evil countries probably did. We don’t have evidence, but they probably did it anyway. Fox News tells all:

Personally, I think this Sony/N.Korea/Steve Carrell joke is intended to elevate “Cyber threats” to a level that would justify a real war with whoever we claim is hacking computers anywhere.

I think it all revolves around discrediting countries (especially BRICS) who do not submit to our concept of hegemony and use of USD. Russia is enemy #1 because they outright refuse to submit. Putin indeed drew the line in the sand many months ago when he stopped our bombing of Syria and has made such overtures to China and India. A strong BRICS is a petro-dollar threat. This won’t be tolerated.

I am with you on the crazy amount of coverage this is getting! But guess what? I’m covering it too! Of course, I’ll be trying to figure out what’s actually going on rather than contributing to the propaganda! Hope you can listen, Tim – I hope I get a chance to read your comment on the air!

I believe the last thing anyone wants to do is censor the internet. I believe that the internet is their panopticon tower, from which they can watch you, and find you, and punish you if necessary. And they want you to know that they have the power to do so. That fellow who envisioned the panopticon spoke of a level of control that is impossible with brute force, being achieved through uncertainty and fear. They want you connected, and they want you to know that you are being watched.

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