Tomorrow on the Show 3PM-6PM ET….Elizabeth Warren Floats Another Lead Balloon

Well, in a rational world it would be a lead balloon, but knowing Elizabeth Warren’s Midas Touch, it’s more likely this will be the next cause célèbre for the Democrats. Her plan? Elizabeth Warren wants to further subsidize student loans by implementing the Buffet Rule…In her words, “It’s billionaires or students.” See for yourself…

I have a lot to say on the subject of school loans and college in general (and if we get to it, “billionaires” paying their “fair share”), so it should be a good show. I also have written and spoken about these subjects in the past. Here is an article I wrote some time ago that lays out why I have no sympathy for students protesting “austerity” and some other related topics….

America’s Talent Deficit: A Free Market Solution

The plight of the anti-austerity crowd in the PIIGS countries often loses my sympathy when I notice that the most vociferous and violent protestors seem to be students against cuts in university subsidies. If there is one “entitlement” that has no moral basis whatsoever, in my opinion, it is this one, yet these free-riding students are the most self-righteous. I pity many of the people who are dependent on the bankrupt systems they grew up in, sometimes through no fault of their own. These include it’s-too-late-to-start-over Social Security dupes, already-sick Medicare recipients and I-paid-into-Unemployment-for-years dolees.

Professional students, however, are not on my sympathy list. I have come to believe that higher education is not really serving the social purpose these angry, marching students seem to base their sense of righteousness on. That is, higher education is not simply the great equalizer, the path on which the have-nots can learn the secrets of the haves and enter their ranks based not on birth but on merit. Today’s higher education is Continue reading…


  1. I’ve always thought compulsory public education was a great injustice, especially when you think about the gazillion hours kids spend there. most knowledgeable people will tell you that most of the useful knowledge they have is self-acquired. That always makes me think, “then what the heck are they doing in school for 12 plus years?” Then I remember that the main point of all schooling is to disassociate children from their parent’s tried and true values, which are contrary to the state’s.

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