I’ll give you the latest on the Nevada rancher, Cliven Bundy, and his standoff with the feds…here’s a hint…it’s a victory for the resistance! Also give you a big picture approach to where all your tax money is going (tax day is just 3 days away!)
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Unfortunately I’ll miss your show tonight due to prior obligations and will thus have to wait for the podcasts. Fantastic about the Bundy victory! But I would like to temper the thought a bit and suggest it’s a temporary victory. I bet the Feds will lay low for awhile, let the dust settle and bank on the folks forgetting. Then the Feds will pounce, perhaps at night, and extract their revenge. That’s their way! The searing spotlight was on them this time, they got caught, so they backed off. But again, only temporarily. I would suggest an offense on our part to determine who made the decision to go after Bundy, and then rout that individual(s) out of they government. Tar and feathers, on the way out, would be a beautiful site. Isn’t that how vermin should be dealt with?!

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