I rarely check Infowars, not because I think Alex Jones is a crazy conspiracy theorist, but because I think he makes conspiracy theorists look crazy! However, I stumbled upon a headline from Infowars I just had to click on:

Photo of child killed at Sandy Hook shows up at Pakistani school shooting

Lo and behold, there are pictures all over Pakistan, as well as in BBC reports, of Sandy Hook victim Noah Pozner as a victim of the Pakistan school massacre – for real. The Infowars article shows several different scenes in which Noah Pozner’s picture is being held up by grieving Pakistanis at vigils for the massacre victims. Here are a couple of the pictures from the Infowars article:

[2/22/18: Leonard Pozner requested WordPress remove a similar picture-Wordpress is fighting it but as a courtesy I removed it–it’s very similar to the one below so I don’t think anything is lost.]


Here is a Huffington Post article that shows the exact same picture as above but from Sandy Hook, alongside another Sandy Hook victim.


Here is a youtube video of one of the BBC reports:


I have never really dug into the Sandy Hook Massacre, though it does fit a pattern I reported on recently: mass casualty event by crazy person with no motive who runs off and “suicides” himself in private, usually with initial eyewitness reports of multiple shooters (reports that disappear by prime time).

Perhaps I should have investigated Sandy Hook, however. It fits the pattern perfectly. It had rock solid initial accounts of multiple shooters and was perpetrated by a crazy person with no motive who suicided in private, but I just couldn’t be sure. And there were other inexplicable things about the Sandy Hook story, including the truly baffling performance by one of the victims’ fathers just hours after the massacre. Robbie Parker is laughing then appears to be deliberately hyperventilating to get himself to seem like he’s crying. There’s no rational explanation for this. Check it out:

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I use to laugh at anything labeled conspiracy theory. I try to remember that that once upon a time people thought the earth was flat, moon travel was impossible and a catholic would never occupy the White House. Given the extremes that we now live with coupled with technology, I no longer laugh at anything labeled conspiracy. A wise mentor once said”believe nothing that you hear and half of what you see”
I will stay in the race as long as you do

Very few people in the ancient world ever believed the world was flat. All you have to do to prove this is walk down to the ocean, or climb a big hill. I don’t know who started this common saying, but I’m sure that they had a nefarious reason for doing so. The sad part is how few people question it.

The “free houses” thing above has been debunked. You can debunk it yourself simply by Googling the same date along with words like “real property”. You will see all kinds of property all over the USA with that same sold date.

I’ve written a few articles about Sandy Hook. My conclusion (so far) is that Sandy Hook was a blatant hoax done to perpetuate a “crisis actor hoax” meme, which has really taken off since Sandy Hook. The Boston bombing was the occasion of the first use of this “crisis actor hoax” meme post Sandy Hook, and it was, sad to say, very effective.

Suffice it to say we are the unwilling victims of very expensive, complex, and effective psychological warfare operations.

Please see this article I wrote, as well as the other articles I wrote which are linked within: Sandy Hook: Hoax or Truth? Tracy, Smallstorm, & Fetzer vs. Michael Collins Piper http://wp.me/pPnn7-2xR via @wordpressdotcom

Please do a show on Sandy Hook. I am not sure which way to think about this “event” and I respect your restraint and intellectual approach to topics. I would like to hear your thoughts.

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