There's Only One Game: Podcast of September 1, 2014 Show

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This is the Ron Paul clip in which he discusses a just war…

Here is the Victoria Nuland speech to Chevron / Exxon…
Here is the Hillary interview the day MH17 was shot down…

Here is the article purporting to show John McCain with the head of ISIS!
John McCain, Conductor of the “Arab Spring” and the Caliph


  1. charles from duluth says:

    John,terrific writing. You and Monica agree, with what she has said.The Western Governments, create this mess so only they can take care of it. I recall watching on television, with pride, how our giving the Mujahideen, Afghan freedom fighters ,Stinger missiles to shoot down Russian helicopters. A few years later our enemy number 1 is Osama bin Laden, who, we were told had been one Mujahideen freedom fighter. Fast forward a little . On television, I must have seen a thousand times a terrorist training camp where a man jumps up out of a hole in the ground and another picture with about 30 undefinable people sitting on the ground facing in the same direction. Now the bad guys are much better funded we are told. I believe it,don,t you? The pictures now show a force as large as a high school marching band instead of a pep band. Instead of walking down a desert trail they now ride in very nice new pickup trucks. The uniforms, they are wearing for the photo shoots now, look expensive and desert comfortable except they are black and sinister looking. Would not white be cooler? What I find interesting is, the pictures being shown as ISIS members are the same as HAMAS members. Could they be same cast members ,just a different NEWS REEL? No reply necessary.

  2. Margie says:

    Yes, it will be an “endless war,” but so far, we aren’t even fighting it, at least not since Bush left office, and I’m not even sure about him. You’re probably right about the motives of the “power elite,” politicians, and crony capitalists, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they use the Islamic terrorist threat to further their goals by taking action that is ostensibly against terrorism, but really does nothing to stem that threat. But the threat itself is no “false flag.” It is very real.

    1. johndjasper says:

      Margie, I disagree. Islamic terrorism is a ruse concocted by western powers to play the role of 3rd party aggressor in places where a conventional western army cannot otherwise be used. The USA created it to manipulate the Russians over Afghanistan or at least that’s the earliest incarnation of it that I’m aware of. Various mercenary forces now exist and get used wherever our govt needs to disrupt the status quo. There are many areas and even countries that are now under the control of these criminal extremists who govern with the same methods that they used to overthrow the previous government. They do not represent Islam and I would dare say that they are to Islam want Hitler’s Nazi thugs were to Christians.
      Yes, they are dangerous but only while being supplied and paid by western governments via Saudi Arabia, etc.

  3. charles from duluth says:

    Monica,your right about power behind the thrown.I voted for Senator Obama the first time because he said he would get us out of Iraq and Afghanistan. He said he would reduce the cost of health care and improve No Child Left Behind school program.I voted for Governor Romney the last election.I did not know who Senator Rubio was but kept hearing he was like a” rock star”in Florida. I learned the Republicans would win if they got Florida. I believe it was Dick Morris who said it would be a sure win for the Republicans if Senator Rubio were V.P.candidate. I started paying attention to Rubio and was impressed. I thought for sure it was a winning ticket! Only the power behind the throne got involved?

  4. charles from duluth says:

    Monica,I agree President Obama is a face job and a very good one.You spoke about ;how it does not matter which party is in office. Reminded me of , North American Fee Trade Agreement. Agreements are handled differently than treaties. It was developed by President Bush 41. President Clinton got the pat on the back and glory from the press when it was enacted and became operational.President Bush 43 and Mexican President Fox were good friends, so nothing changed. Our agri-buisness could grow corn so much cheaper than Mexican family farmers ; about two million family farms.Their sons had to enter make money for the families back home.

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