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  1. Ford says:

    As an anarcho-capitalist, I feel that a government having the ability to kill its citizens cannot be justified. Conservatives screamed about the government having the power of life and death when it came to health care, but such concern is shown regarding neither the death penalty nor police action resulting in a citizen’s death. We instead find that it is liberals who oppose these two transgressions against the mass of the public but champion state power in health care decisions that could lead to the same outcome. There is no fool-proof determiner of guilt in crime. Any evidence can be manufactured. Any lie can be told. Any prosecutor could be persuasive. Any jury can be stacked. Murder cannot justify murder, and to take a life is to become a murderer. By the logic of the death penalty, the executioner himself would have to be put to death, and an endless spiral of murder would be the natural outcome. A costume or badge does not grant an individual special rights and privileges over others.

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