The Story of Stuff: Propagandizing Your Children

Here is the insanely anti-capitalist and wildly inaccurate video designed for school children here and around the world:
And here is a very engaging rebuttal:
And here is a truly delightful video on the philosophy of liberty – a nice balm for the brain after watching The Story of Stuff!


  1. I started watching the rebuttal video, but only got through part 1. A few random observations:
    1. He counters the fact of corporate influence in gov’t by shouting about unions and trial lawyers – as if these special interests are a balance against the rise of corporate power in America! Our government has been hacked. As a libertarian, this state of affairs is sickening, but not at all surprising. Where power is concentrated, corruption inevitably takes root.
    2. Yes, prices respond to scarcity, but assuming that viable and affordable alternatives will be waiting in the wings is not a rational basis for policy. So we can consume all we want and ignore the possibility that we may be pricing basic necessities out of reach of our children?
    3. Wind and solar are nonsense? Seems to me they are responsible market responses to increasing oil prices and the rational desire to be in control of our energy supply.

  2. Joe Whitt says:

    Another thought I have is that the rise of consumerism parallels the rise of big government. The redistribution of wealth from the few to the many has created more consumers. The tax payers pay for the education of your children and the healthcare of your parents so you can buy more worthless crap. Most government programs funnel money through the populace to a specific industry. Freedom lovers need to realize that big industries are behind our big government.

  3. Joe Whitt says:

    Wow, the rebuttal was a huge endorsement of the EPA. He talks about how the air and water have gotten cleaner in the past few decades. I doubt corporations just decided on their own to stop polluting the air and water. As a libertarian, my biggest struggle is how to ensure the air I breath and the water I drink are clean and safe. Honestly, without clean air and water I lose my health and then what good is my liberty? It would be nice to think that market forces could ensure clean air and water but I just do not see how that would work. For me, liberty is not just freedom from the government but also from powerful corporations. I really can not even separate the two in my mind. I despise them both. Small government and small business is the way to go for me.

  4. Tammy says:

    Yes! This is insanity…..they have an agenda alright and it really looks like “Agenda 21” This is moving so fast and I hope it’s not too late but fear that it s!

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