I’ve been trying to figure out why the media is giving Trump SO much press. It’s just out of all proportion to his import and if I believe the polls at all, I’d sooner chalk-up his showing in the polls to the press he’s getting than chalking-up the press he’s getting to his showing in the polls.

I could understand if the press was coming from the left, but it’s not, it’s coming from the right. Why? Why not ignore him like they did Ron Paul? Then it hit me…maybe Trump is playing his part as the shill, the foil, the Elizabeth Warren extremist, only the goal isn’t to move the party toward his position as Warren does for the Democrats, but to justify an extreme reaction to his position.

Many Republican voters do not like the idea of a GOP compromise on immigration reform–a compromise position I believe is more likely driven by certain businesses interested in manipulating the labor market than by a desire to adhere to libertarian principles like the rights to work and travel, which I could respect.

Claiming attempted damage control, every other GOP candidate can now justify an unpopular (with Republican voters) position on immigration as a necessary over-correction to Trump’s rhetoric. “We had to do it to save the GOP.”

Why would Trump play along? Growing up in New York, I distinctly remember Trump saying he supported campaigns of both parties because friendly politicians help him get his deals done…maybe there’s a quid pro quo in his future.

I am speculating here, but I can’t help but have the feeling that we are watching a show, especially after El Chapo, the murderous Mexican drug cartel boss, within 24 hours of escaping from prison, according to the media, stopped down and linked up to direct an angry tweet at Donald Trump over Trump’s bombastic comments about immigrants–news El Chapo had apparently been keeping up with even in the last frantic hours before his jail break….Really?

Here is the Wall Street Journal article I read this morning that gave me the idea that maybe there was a method to the madness…

Avoiding the Trump Trap on Immigration

UPDATE (August 24, 2015): This meme is still being pushed…
Trump’s Deportation Rhetoric Crushing to GOP, although now I think the Trump PsyOp is more complex…I have always been convinced (and still am) that JEB Bush will be our next president with Hillary the most likely Democrat nominee…the proof will be in the pudding on this & if this predictable outcome pans out, I think we can safely say that this whole campaign circus is a highly orchestrated reality show. Maybe it’ll unfold so that after some arm-twisting and concessions, Trump endorses JEB…I don’t know, but I’m certainly going to follow the drama!

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I very much agree with certain key points you make (are you surprised?)! I love what Trump is saying, but I have very serious questions re his motives. Didn’t Trump previously enter the scene as a candidate to help destroy one or more of Pat Buchanan’s runs for the presidency? I didn’t read the Wall Street Journal article you posted as a ‘sign-in’ is required and I don’t do those. But I did note the article’s writer was Fred Barnes, a hard core neo-con of the first degree. I have nothing but the strongest disdain for Barnes and his fellow travelers!

I have also been attempting to figure the angle here re Trump, and I think I might have found it, and it ties directly to what Monica is suggesting. O’Reilly of FauxNews is all over the proposed ‘Kate’s Law’ that he is promoting – automatic five years jail time for aggravated felons who re-enter the U.S. after being deported. O’Reilly made a big point of saying this jail time would not apply to the returning deportees who’s crime didn’t rise to the aggravated felon level. I wonder if our controllers are setting us up for an amnesty for about all of the invaders? I bet that’s it!!!!

I sucked it up and watched some of FauxNews tonight and saw the parents of the young murdered American female, Kate Steinlie, being interviewed. The ‘leadership’ of most American institutions (news, political, law enforcement, business, religious, entertainment, sports, etc.) are drenched in the blood of Kate and many other American innocents. Bottom line for me is that Trump keeps talking and talking and talking. The Americans must wake up, rise up, and reclaim their nation!

Didn’t Trump once support left leaning policies such as single payer health care? Hasn’t he also contributed to liberal politician campaigns? Maybe hes in bed with the liberals and will run as a third party to seal the deal for Hillary.

Tom and Monica,
I fully agree with your points! Many of us (and it’s not just those on the right!!) are desperate for a hero to save this nation. This planned Immigration Invasion is suicide for us. They want to impose the deadly irreversible Multiculturalism! That’s why Trump’s poll numbers had the trajectory of a high powered rocket. Our controllers know what we cry for. I can understand Trump making donations to both sides of the fence…that’s what business people do. But could Trump be that much of a sorry low life scum to play the major role in getting a Democrat in, including possibly Hildabeast? The media could turn off their coverage of him with the flick of a switch. All I can do at this point is support his positions on Immigration…and hope and pray!

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