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Convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s Lolita Express finally lands onto the news cycle, James Comey could be protecting Hillary Clinton, The dangerous divisive propaganda of identity politics, Just who’s watching the watchers, and Trump Batman Theory revisted…..all on this 9th episode of the propaganda report.

“The elites aren’t superhuman.”

“I’ve known tons of illegal immigrants who voted.”

Sandyhook footage used during the reporting of the Umpqua Community College Shooting, as mentioned. Pause it at the .16 mark and you can see the “Sandy Hook School” sign in the shot.

Fake Die Hard 5 Movie Trailer as mentioned:


Additional Show Notes….

“anti-government lone wolf gun nut deplorable?”

Police capture suspect in separate ambush-style attacks that killed 2 Iowa officers

“In the first case, he became aggressive during a body search for weapons. In the second, Greene threatened to kill a person he called a racial slur in a parking lot.” So predictable.

FBI in Internal Feud Over Hillary Clinton Probe
Laptop may contain thousands of messages sent to or from Mrs. Clinton’s private server

At a meeting early last week of senior Justice Department and FBI officials, a member of the department’s senior national-security staff asked for an update on the Weiner laptop, the people familiar with the matter said. At that point, officials realized that no one had acted to obtain a warrant, these people said.

Mr. McCabe then instructed the email investigators to talk to the Weiner investigators and see whether the laptop’s contents could be relevant to the Clinton email probe, these people said.

The FBI field office in New York had done the most work on the Clinton Foundation case and received help from the FBI field office in Little Rock, the people familiar with the matter said.

In February, FBI officials made a presentation to the Justice Department, according to these people. By all accounts, the meeting didn’t go well.

“That was one of the weirdest meetings I’ve ever been to,” one participant told others afterward, according to people familiar with the matter.

(Note the sources highlighted in the above article – they might as well make this stuff up. Maybe they do.)

Hillary Clinton Team Questions FBI Director’s Motive
Clinton’s allies work to play down news that an investigation of her email had been reactivated

Mr. Reid said Mr. Comey’s action may have violated the federal Hatch Act, which bars government officials from using their position to influence an election. [this is why Issa’s accusation should be followed up]

Mr. Reid also complained of a “disturbing double standard,” suggesting that the FBI has kept information about alleged associations between Donald Trump’s campaign and Russia confidential while publicizing “in the most negative light possible” the “slightest innuendo related to Secretary Clinton.”

William Weld denounces Comey, defends Hillary; “Someone needs to vouch for Secretary Clinton!”

Trump, and Changing Demographics, Are Helping Turn North Carolina Blue
Republican gains made over the past three election cycles may have peaked.

“The shift has been fueled by an influx of new residents from out-of-state to city centers like Raleigh and Charlotte.”

  • WSJ headline ”Hispanic Voter Surge Recasts Texas”…online it’s:

Presidential Race in Texas Tightens as Voter Registration Total Surges
Republican Donald Trump still forecast to win Lone State, but margin could fall short of previous years

Who Is Miriam Carey?

Gary Johnson, #loseonpurpose? (h/t NC)

News Need Not Be True (the Jane Akres Story)

Syrian Rebels’ Chemical Weapons Attack Reported as Assad’s

Privatizing 401ks

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