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On episode 8 of the Propaganda Report, we explore the short and long-range objectives behind the ongoing media psyop involving the presidential race. We only have the audio up so far, but video will be up shortly. To get the audio and video versions as soon as they’re posted, Subscribe To Brad’s Youtube Page Here.

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Show Notes…

October 2016 letter from FBI Director Comey to Congress about Weiner emails

Art of Ambiguity

Original Guccifer Hack: The Bushes and Hillary

Thank You, Blue
A new Gallup survey finds a surge in support for local police.

While Gallup finds rising support for local police across all demographics, the biggest surge in respect for America’s men and women in blue is occurring among political liberals. People in this category expressing a great deal of respect for police shot up to 71% this year from 50% in 2015.

Are the Koch Brothers behind Project Veritas?

Koch Prefers Hillary

Libertarians & GMOs

Irving Kristol on Neo-Conservatism (all the quotes I mentioned on the show and more appear in italics in this article)

Reaction to AT&T-Time Warner Deal Shows Presidency’s Growing Reach
Through appointees and their regulations, the executive branch exerts a big influence on business

Foreign-Policy Debate Scrambled by 2016 Election
Liberals and Trump supporters in the GOP are united in their isolationism, leaving Hillary Clinton, the Democratic nominee, as the more interventionist candidate

Spending on U.S. Elections Slides for First Time in Recent Political History
Lower-cost social media and Republican Donald Trump’s unconventional campaign drive the decline

How the Battle to Expel ISIS From Mosul Sets Up Challenges for Next U.S. President

U.S. Says an Assault on Raqqa Is Needed to Stop ISIS Planning Attacks
Aim is to soon move on militant group across Syria and Iraq, a general says

Clinton Foundation’s Fundraisers Pressed Donors to Steer Business to Former President
Hacked email memo published by WikiLeaks details lucrative arrangements made for Bill Clinton

The Clintons’ daughter, Chelsea, had sought the review because she worried that Mr. Band was “hustling business” for his consulting firm, Teneo Holdings, at the Clinton Global Initiative, according to a 2011 email by Ms. Clinton.

As we saw in Propaganda Report (episode 6), one of Podesta’s plots was to make Catholics demand change (and the neo-con article above also falsely claims the people are the ones to demand the change)–this WSJ series, The Great Unraveling, in my opinion, serves the purpose of telling us that the Republican rank and file are demanding the transformation of the party into a Big Government, I-want-mine, European-style “conservative welfare state.” In my opinion this is false–the Tea Party & the Ron Paul Revolution were the grassroots reaction to the Republican Establishment and they demanded a return to small government, which was unacceptable to the Establishment so they created a false alternative. This so-called “populism” is not a natural outgrowth of small government voters’ discontent, though the mainstream media will forever frame it that way. Here’s the latest article in the psyop series…

The Great Unraveling
Republicans Rode Waves of Populism Until They Crashed the Party
Donald Trump seized on GOP’s failure to change enough to accommodate four decades of newcomers; a post-election split?

What to Watch Out For

Why is fentanyl, specifically, in the crosshairs? Truckers will be the first casualties of the government’s push for driverless vehicles. Public land policy will be changed and blamed on the Bundy episodes.

Authorities Charge Five in Fentanyl Case in Tennessee
Synthetic opioid has been linked to at least 10,000 deaths in U.S. since 2013

Uber Self-Driving Truck Packed With Budweiser Makes First Delivery in Colorado
The ride-hailing giant teamed up with AB InBev to transport beer in an autonomous vehicle, which they say is the world’s first such commercial delivery.

Armed Occupiers of Oregon Wildlife Refuge Acquitted
Federal jury acquits Ammon Bundy and six followers of conspiracy in standoff last winter

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