Desert Trip: The audience stretched as far as the eye could see.

IMPORTANT: WATCH THIS VIDEO BEFORE YOU LISTEN TO THE PODCAST (or at least before you get 35 minutes into it)

Audio Only: The Propaganda Report Episode 6

Show Notes:

Roger Waters making a profound and original social statement (JK)

Here’s Neil Young complaining about capitalism and Monsanto as he makes something like $2 million an hour singing to 90,000 people sitting on a beautifully manicured lawn…

I couldn’t find The Who song with the historical images but here’s a good song šŸ™‚

My thoughts on GMOs:

GMOs To Go?

GMO Labeling, the Obvious LibertarianĀ Solution

Great book on the military intelligence roots of Rock ‘n Roll:Ā  Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon

See also, Manufacturing the Dead Head

Andrew Fletcher: “If a man were permitted to make all the ballads he need not care who should make the laws of a nation.”

Glenn Beck says electing Hillary Clinton is the ‘moral, ethical choice’

The Beatles & Tavistock

The Kate Steinle Story: Something Fishy on the Pier

From one of my articles on Trump & the DC post office

Billy Bush, JEB’s first cousin, sat on this til now?

Hillary does stand-up at Ron Brown Roast:

What really happened to Ron Brown? Could this be true? The assassination of Ron Brown

The Quiet American

Graham Greene & MI6

Richard Charnin’s Blog

Barack H. Obama: The Unauthorized Biography

What To Make of PopeĀ Francis?
From an article I posted in September 2015…

…the Popeā€™s focus on the refugee crisis feeds into the build up toward war. Our allies have been destroying Syria since March 2011, creating a massive refugee crisis for years, yet no press until now. Furthermore, the current coverage has all the earmarks of an operation with a specific propaganda design: to gain consent for a war to effect regime change in Syria. By accepting at face value media reports of this crisis, the Pope adds his voice to the call, ā€œSomething must be done!ā€ Unfortunately, the something that will be done will be war.

The Chile Coup — The U.S. Hand

Non-Catholics for Church ā€˜Reformā€™
Clinton allies mock the faithful and demand they embrace secular dogmas.

Trumpā€™s Moment of Truth
The nominee and his allies are responsible for his election fate.

Hillary’s public + private stance quote from the 2nd presidential debate wasn’t a blatant lie, as far as I could decipher. After the debate, Bill Maher did a piece on his show explaining/debunking the Lincoln “lie” she used in response to Trump’s statement.

I’m not a supporter of either candidates, and I think Bill Maher is a pompus douche, but, you know, facts are facts.

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