The Propaganda Report Episode 6: Cultural Propaganda

Desert Trip: The audience stretched as far as the eye could see.

IMPORTANT: WATCH THIS VIDEO BEFORE YOU LISTEN TO THE PODCAST (or at least before you get 35 minutes into it)

Audio Only: The Propaganda Report Episode 6

Show Notes:

Roger Waters making a profound and original social statement (JK)

Here’s Neil Young complaining about capitalism and Monsanto as he makes something like $2 million an hour singing to 90,000 people sitting on a beautifully manicured lawn…

I couldn’t find The Who song with the historical images but here’s a good song 🙂

My thoughts on GMOs:

GMOs To Go?

GMO Labeling, the Obvious Libertarian Solution

Great book on the military intelligence roots of Rock ‘n Roll:  Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon

See also, Manufacturing the Dead Head

Andrew Fletcher: “If a man were permitted to make all the ballads he need not care who should make the laws of a nation.”

Glenn Beck says electing Hillary Clinton is the ‘moral, ethical choice’

The Beatles & Tavistock

The Kate Steinle Story: Something Fishy on the Pier

From one of my articles on Trump & the DC post office

Billy Bush, JEB’s first cousin, sat on this til now?

Hillary does stand-up at Ron Brown Roast:

What really happened to Ron Brown? Could this be true? The assassination of Ron Brown

The Quiet American

Graham Greene & MI6

Richard Charnin’s Blog

Barack H. Obama: The Unauthorized Biography

What To Make of Pope Francis?
From an article I posted in September 2015…

…the Pope’s focus on the refugee crisis feeds into the build up toward war. Our allies have been destroying Syria since March 2011, creating a massive refugee crisis for years, yet no press until now. Furthermore, the current coverage has all the earmarks of an operation with a specific propaganda design: to gain consent for a war to effect regime change in Syria. By accepting at face value media reports of this crisis, the Pope adds his voice to the call, “Something must be done!” Unfortunately, the something that will be done will be war.

The Chile Coup — The U.S. Hand

Non-Catholics for Church ‘Reform’
Clinton allies mock the faithful and demand they embrace secular dogmas.

Trump’s Moment of Truth
The nominee and his allies are responsible for his election fate.


  1. Corey says:

    Hillary’s public + private stance quote from the 2nd presidential debate wasn’t a blatant lie, as far as I could decipher. After the debate, Bill Maher did a piece on his show explaining/debunking the Lincoln “lie” she used in response to Trump’s statement.

    I’m not a supporter of either candidates, and I think Bill Maher is a pompus douche, but, you know, facts are facts.

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