The Propaganda Report Episode 5: Sock Puppet Wins Debate!

This is the flag I referred to in the show.

Show Notes…


First Presidential Debate

VP Debate

cottonTrump Sorely Needs a Debate Win
He has to revive GOP enthusiasm to offset the Democrats’ strong turnout operation.

In Tuesday night’s vice-presidential debate, Sen. Tim Kaine was rude, boorish and hectoring. Gov. Mike Pence dominated with his humble, polite demeanor, command of facts and Midwestern common sense. Donald Trump needs to match that performance in his debate Sunday with Hillary Clinton.

Donald Trump’s Allies Want Him to Imitate Mike Pence in Next Debate
Republican presidential candidate is advised to avoid attacks the way his running mate did

The Clinton campaign has cracked the Trump code; nobody in the primary could. She’s figured out how to bait him, hook him and reel him into the boat,” said Michael Caputo, a former Trump aide.

1974 Diary Surfaces: Hillary Fired For “Lying, Unethical Behavior” on Watergate Committee…

From an old post I wrote called The Forgotten 4%:

…the lower 95% of earners are paying the same in taxes as the top 1%–both groups pay roughly 40% of the taxes. That other 4%, what I am going to categorize as the upper middle class–doctors, lawyers, etc–pay 20% of the taxes….

Pentagon Paid for Fake ‘Al Qaeda’ Videos
A controversial foreign PR firm known for representing unsavory characters was paid millions by the Pentagon to create fake terrorist videos.

Trump / Clinton Foundations

Trump Foundation Ordered to Halt Fundraising in New York
Attorney General Eric Schneiderman cites organization’s failure to properly register with state

Clinton Foundation Amends Its Filing With New York
Move comes day after rival Donald Trump’s charitable foundation was told to suspend fundraising in state

Donald Trump Often Made Donations to State Attorneys General Reviewing His Business
Throughout his career, the GOP nominee and others close to him donated to state officials, in particular from New York

What is the Conservative Welfare State?

What to Watch Out For

Art of Ambiguity continues:

Los Angeles Police Chief Releases Video Related to Fatal Police Shooting
Video shows Carnell Snell Jr. with what appears to be a gun as he runs with an officer in pursuit

The security-camera video released by Los Angeles police Tuesday, shows Carnell Snell Jr. with what appears to be a gun in one hand as he runs and briefly ducks behind a row of parked cars, then runs off again with an officer in pursuit on foot. But it doesn’t show the moments immediately before officers fire on the man, or the shooting itself.

Cracking down on whistleblowers:

NSA Contractor Charged With Stealing Classified Secrets
Probe looked into how key U.S. computer-spying tools were removed from the agency

Scaring us into forcing driverless cars via Uber:

U.S. Traffic Deaths Up Sharply in First Half of the Year
Traffic deaths rose 10.4%, raising fresh concerns about distracted driving

More on Uber/Driverless cars….

The Übermorphosis Is Nigh…

Über Alles…


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