The Principles of Economic Liberty for High School & College Students!

My friend Jason Riddle of the Foundation for Economic Education (FEE) right here in Atlanta asked me to tell you about a great way to get the next generation fully versed in the principles of liberty from an economic perspective. Here are the details:

The Foundation for Economic Education (FEE) is offering students ages 14-26 the opportunity to explore economic thinking and the principles of a free society at one of twelve summer seminars hosted across the country this year. Tuition, meals, and accommodations provided at no charge (and there are limited travel grants available upon application!).

The FEE experience includes:
3 days of life-changing presentations, discussions, and hands-on activities
Networking with professionals and young leaders
Practice developing communication and core-reasoning skills

For over 50 years FEE has delivered summer programs teaching the principles of liberty and sound economics. You can find detailed information about this year’s seminars including schedules and applications at

High school programs are for students ages 14-17 and college programs are for ages 18-26 (you do not need to be a current student). FEE has programs designed both for students new to the ideas and for students looking for more advanced material. There is even a short quiz that lets you know which programs are best suited for you!

Applications are open now until 3/31, but students are accepted on a rolling basis so we encourage you to apply early! Learn more about the FEE seminar experience at

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