It defies credulity to think anyone actually believes the following virtually universal mainstream account of the Occupy Wall Street story:
“The Occupy Wall Street protest movement may have finally caught the attention of the hedge fund world, and to a larger extent, the financial world.
What began on September 17 as a couple hundred protesters gathering on New York City’s Wall Street – to demonstrate against what they see is corporate greed, the U.S. government facilitating that greed and a host of other issues – has grown in less than three weeks into a grassroots phenomenon gaining adherents across the globe.
That support has included legendary hedge fund manager George Soros, a longtime patron of progressive causes but also one of the Wall Street billionaires who are part of a system that Occupy Wall Street is targeting.”
This appeared on under the title “Occupy Wall Street Catching Hedge Fund Industry’s Eye.” Are we really expected to believe this? “May have finally caught the attention of the hedge fund world”? How about this instead, “George Soros, behind-the-scenes Sugar Daddy of Occupy Wall Street, feigns spontaneous empathy with unwitting puppet protestors”? And does this guy seriously believe that Occupy Wall Street “has grown in less than three weeks into a grassroots phenomenon gaining adherents across the globe”? Maybe it’s closer to: “First leaked in March as a scheme organized by Steve Lerner of SEIU, it has taken seven months for the Soros machine to roll out this class warfare reelection campaign tactic designed to give plausibility to Obama’s actual or orchestrated win next November.” I don’t know what’s going on behind the scenes here, but that something is going on behind the scenes I’m sure and I’m also sure that I won’t get any closer to the truth reading the mainstream media.
The truth is, I’m dying to know the truth and I think the truth is out there, but what is it? Although hearing Steve Lerner order a dome full of AstroTurf on hidden audio in March convinced me that Occupy Wall Street was totally staged (see my post of October 4), I’m not sure of the bigger plan. I had been wondering how protestors outside a few downtown buildings anywhere could really disrupt the weighty and complex but at the same time lighter than air, largely electronic, financial system. It’s not like the protestors are lying down in front of ambulances until the patients die of blood loss. How could world markets really care what these kids are doing? I realized of course, it’s politics–it doesn’t have to be real to have real power. I am beginning to suspect that Occupy Wall Street is an obvious (to all but its participants) but stupefyingly effective re-election campaign that has power because the advertizing agency that is the mainstream media and the so-called elder statesmen of the power elite (Soros in Occupy Wall Street and Buffet in the tax-the-upper-middle-class Buffet Rule) go out of their way to make this stuff seem real and important. Now I’m thinking, like so much in this Coke-vs-Pepsi oligopoly we call a two-party system, this movement is a total scam, a Truman Show and we are all Trumans.
But what is the big picture here? As a conspiranoid, I posit the following: It started four years ago (or a hundred depending on how big a picture you’re after.) In order to bring to America European-style Social Democracy and a continuation of bankster-elite world dominance, the government must control more than 50% of the economy–that way more than half the voters’ interests are vested in expanding government revenue and power and no one who wants to cut it back can ever win an election. The last piece of this puzzle in the U.S. is to socialize all or most of the healthcare system. The Clintons tried once but weren’t willing to sacrifice a second term in office to force it down our throats–they had already proved that–so they had to go. Enter Obama, out of nowhere. He would do what he was told because, unlike the Clintons, he had no independent power base on which to mount resistance against his backers if things got tough. So if Obama was asked to fall on his sword and risk not getting a second term just to get the healthcare bill passed, he would have been assured not only that this would be a worthy sacrifice, but also, that these guys had plenty of tricks up their sleeves to get him legitimately reelected or at least to make an ACORN-type victory plausible. The first two of these tricks could easily be Occupy Wall Street and the Buffet Rule. These are tactics. The strategy, of course is to manufacture class warfare and the appearance that Obama is hitting a nerve with the unnumbered masses. What I bet those middle class kids on Wall Street don’t realize, though, is that for a real class war to work, the middle class has to be eliminated, which may be the ultimate goal in all of this anyway (if you’re with me on the bankster-elite world domination stuff).
Despite what to me are the transparency and obviousness of these tactics, they are likely to be successful next November, especially if Obama’s opposition in the election is a two-faced compromiser as appears inevitable no matter which frontrunner wins the Republican nomination.

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