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This show raised several interesting points of discussion. One was the implication that marriage was never a legal contract but a religious sacrament as though it didn’t exist before religions. Regardless of its roots, the voluntary binding of two parties as a family is now a standard practice in most cultures and must be considered and worked with. As Monica ably pointed out, the state gets involved because of the legal and financial implications arising from legislation. He who pays the piper calls the tune!

In a different discussion, Monica presented a great way of reigning in the interference of (and our dependence on) the state. If the system could be altered to allow opting out of government services and make it possible for companies to compete with those services, the free market would no doubt prove itself the better provider. Of course, this cannot be allowed as governments do not exist to enable its citizens to be self-sufficient.

I certainly can’t criticise Monica for not going to the mat against her bank rep. The price of bucking the authority of the state can be hazardous to your wallet and your health. Most people would probably see you as being immoral for not obeying the law to the letter so what gain from your pain could be achieved?

It’s even generally accepted that it is our moral duty to pay whatever taxes the government decides you owe. I would argue about all of the immoral activities the government spends the money on but even that fails because most people believe that governments always mean well even when they do something that would be a crime if committed by the common man.

Fortunately, people are waking up to the fallacy of government at an accelerating pace and I live in hope of a peaceful transition from the current tyranny to at least a temporary minimal government once the criminal class realise that they have no hope of keeping us down.

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