Today’s Wall Street Journal lays out our marching orders in the wake of Orlando:

The article…

After Orlando, a Long War
To stop future terrorist attacks, we need solutions from all sides: better security and surveillance at home, a vigorous fight abroad and the support of Muslim moderates everywhere

The author:

Max Boot, a senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations.

The marching orders…

(1) Disarm Americans

There is no reason why the American public should be able to purchase military-style semiautomatic weapons such as the AR-15, which has become a favorite of mass shooters.

(2) Create a class of precriminals who are not put in jail but have rights taken away without due process

Congress should, at a minimum, prevent suspects on terrorism watch lists from purchasing firearms legally

(3) Expand the police state

By all means, let’s follow the example of Israel and have more security guards and more metal detectors at the entrances of clubs and malls.

(4) Reduce freedom, increase surveillance

The fact that [the Orlando shooter] was able to work as a licensed security guard and to legally purchase firearms, despite having been investigated twice by the FBI for potential terrorist ties, suggests a fundamental breakdown in our safeguards….controversial counterterrorism programs need to be continued or revived…

(5) Escalate war in Syria

We will defeat Islamic State not simply by dropping more bombs or sending more troops, although we must do both.

Also, the author falsely asserts that libertarians object to FBI tactics through a misguided sense of freedom and an arbitrary attachment to fundamental rights…

The best bet to stop terrorists is to uncover their intentions in advance. The FBI has done just that since 2001 by sending undercover agents and informants to pose as would-be terrorists to prosecute suspects intent on turning violent. Such investigations have resulted in charges against nearly 90 Americans but have also sparked controversy, with civil libertarians accusing the FBI of entrapping innocent people.

The author is repeating the false meme that civil libertarians have pushed back on the FBI “hatching terrorist plots” (…/terrorist-plots-helped-along-by-th…) because we object to their entrapping innocent people–that has never been the issue (for me anyway). The issue is that the FBI is actually manufacturing terrorism resulting in danger to the public (the WTC93 bombing was an FBI sting operation in which 6 died and many others were hurt…/the-clinton-bush-obama-co…/) and a misdirection of resources…

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What is the purpose of government ???? …. To justify itself and then to expand itself. Imagine if there was just 1 armed citizen at the pulse night club in Orlando. Instead of a horrible blood soaked nightmare that killed 50 and went on for several hours it could have been a horrible few minutes and many many fewer deaths but because we have liberals in our wonderful country we have to put up with the “no gun violence ” crowd so they insist on just being sitting ducks or …. mindless sheep that do not believe in protecting oneself or the public.

The other matter about the “no gun violence” group takes me to Oklahoma City where far more horror was committed…without guns. Or, The World Trade Center where no guns at all were used. We are still in a political infancy where the latest “horror” is the war cry for one political side or the other. We are hiding the reality that neither AR15 or a Boeing 757 or a u-Haul with Diesel and Fertilizer kills on its own. We have a mental health problem in the world…and the latest and greatest sadness is just coming. Stop the nonsense blaming guns or a 757…or the diesel in your car or fertilizer on your lawn. We had all better become our own…and our brother’s keeper. Yes, looks like George Orwell was right…oops…not a very PC thought!

A wise person said in history ALL governments betray it’s people 100% of the time sooner or later….

You gave excellent advice on one of your shows recently re what to do when confronted with a concept you might disagree with. You suggested “don’t dismiss, but refute”. With that thought of yours in mind, and as this thread is about ‘Orlando’, I wanted to share Trump’s opinion (see link below). Now I do realize your blog is overwhelmed with ‘open borders aficionados’, but I would be very curious if they can logically deconstruct Trump’s position, or will they resort to simply ‘dismissing’ Trump? I’m betting the latter.

If your computer is infected by Hugh’s nationalist xenophobe website, There’s a program called Malwarebytes that can remove it in just a few minutes. The speech is about what you would expect from someone who doesn’t opt to freedom first. I suggest going to a site that isn’t the equivalent of a dumpster to read it though. you might catch something.

You would have very much surprised me if you hadn’t responded in your very consistent manner. I see you are still soped in on your planet. Must be horrible having zero visibility!

I wouldn’t have replied at all if I didn’t have to spend 15 minutes removing the malware from my computer. I was interested in hearing what trump said that was new, but it wasn’t new, and it used the word “we” too much. The trouble with “we” is that if everyone doesn’t agree, then it’s just some guy speaking for everyone else, and making decisions for everyone else. The individual isn’t really important to a guy like that. I don’t know what soped means, but since it’s a tired metaphor, explaining it will just add tedium to boredom. Lastly, the last thing I need is visibility to a nationalist. I prefer to stay hidden from you like Anne Frank and her family did.

Malwarebytes is a good program…I have the paid version on my PCs. Right now I’m struggling to keep Windows 10 off my PCs. I read the Anne Frank book when I was in grade school, but I have since learned it is substantially a fraud. I would encourage you to Google ‘Anne Frank fraud’ and see for yourself. Unless, of course, you wish to remain unenlightened.

Which part is a fraud, Hugh? Please enlighten me. Was it only the personal story, or was it the holocaust itself which you think may be a hoax? Was Hitler a vile nationalist socialist, or was he just a decent regular guy trying to get the immigrants out of his country? I’m eager to hear you spell it all out, and since your web resources tend to have malware, I’m afraid you’ll have to use your own words.

OMG! Hugh! really? Now I just feel sorry for you. I googled “anne frank fraud” like you said, and once again, I am disappointed to be right about you. Folks, if you ever wondered what road Trump is on, this is it. Don’t say no one warned you. Why am I always right about the most horrible things? If I could pick winning lotto numbers that would be way more helpful, lol.

The latest news is that the shooter regularly attended the club to pick up guys. If true, so much for the “triggered by the sight of men kissing” motive. His acting career as shown on his IMDB page includes the part of gay man in an Indian movie and I’m tempted to think this is his latest acting job.

Angel Colon has demonstrated why his acting career didn’t take off as he couldn’t remember his lines during several interviews and required prompting by his handlers. He then went on to describe the cuts on his face from two days earlier that had miraculously vanished and how the shooter shot at his face from point blank but only hit is undamaged hand! He was confused about when he was shot three times in the leg but no worry because after a day of recuperation, he was fit and healthy for interviews.

Yet the public discuss the shooting as though it were a genuine event. In the immortal words from Blazing Saddles “…they are so dumb!”

I’ve read it from many sources and see it everywhere that the intent and the method are often telegraphed in advance. 9-11 was signalled in everything from Get Smart to X-Files to The Simpsons. The London Bombing was foretold in Spooks. I think it’s at least partly a way of saying there’s nothing we can do to stop them.

I’ll post the link when possible but the story is Jericho planting explosives in high-rise buildings and later blowing them up. Supposedly he’s already blown up 3 and Smart foils(?) his plot to plant explosives in a 4th called Odyssey.

Stanley Kubric’s monolith in 2001 Space Odyssey resembles WTC 7 and apparently he changed the movie’s original title to this one. Kubric and Get Smart’s Mel Brooks were close neighbours and we could be forgiven for thinking that both were exposing foreknowledge.

Not sure of the connection to the “accidental shooting” near Atlanta to the event in Orlando. However, what is baffling me is the disconnection to the bombings in Oklahoma City and Boston. Have we stopped “banning bombers”? The misrepresentation of the AR15 in the media is somewhere between ignorance and mal practice! I am a “shooter” and can enjoy many other weapons than this one: no, it’s not an attack on the AR15…it’s more like a decision between Strawberry and Butter Pecan! OK…you who imagines I am trivializing…find another thought or go pick on someone weaker!

My point should be clear: the Media is getting more commercial income than ever before. What was once “limited commercial breaks” has risen to the point where there is nearly as much “news” as there is ad time for…well…you pick it. What does a 30 second “spot” cost? Multiply that my the number of “commercial spots” and you see the real issue…”If It Bleeds It Leads”.

We are all dumbed down, intoxicated by “the news”…and don’t understand the advertisers are the ones who are paying for us to enter this maze.

The Answer: not sure. I am pretty sure that, Heaven Forbid, there is another tragedy this day…then we will all be there…watching the commercials…

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