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It’s delightful to hear libertarians given the time to explain themselves on a major network. All 3 of these guys are awesome, even though I think the EPA should be the second bureaucracy to flush, right after the department of education.

I agree, it was very refreshing–and I love McAfee’s scrupulously individualistic worldview–my only problem with him is that he validates the claim that china is hacking us –i’m not sure that’s the real story or if that’s a false flag to get cyber-legislation passed….he wants to get all cyber-vigilant, which is okay if he can protect privacy as he says, but unless he actually gets the authority to call the shots on that, i’m afraid he might just be validating the cause for privacy-busting cyber-legislation instead.

i don’t care for the corporate libertarian commentators on fox, however–i like stossel but i think the liberty movement has been hijacked by the koch’s to focus on issues like preventing raises in the minimum wage (of course i don’t think there should be a minimum wage or any price or wage controls) without focusing on the bigger market-distorting privilege handouts in cronyism and regulatory barriers to competition (with free competition on the production side, labor wouldn’t have to go hat in hand to oligopolies who can suppress wages) …also, MSM libertarians seem to pay lip service to the official narratives on foreign policy, which can only mean more aggression

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