The Libertarian Convention Is Coming Up!

This press release just in from the Libertarian Party of Georgia. Party Chairman Brett Larson will be on the show today at 5:25 to discuss the details.




Georgia Libertarian Convention Attracts Presidential Candidates

February 27, 2016

The Libertarian Party of Georgia will hold its annual state convention on March 5th in Marietta, Georgia.  This year, the convention will be focused on hearing from the slate of Libertarian candidates seeking the Libertarian nomination for President.  In what has been a long campaign season for the nation, it is evident that many Americans are looking for someone outside of the two dominant parties to run for office.  The Libertarian convention will play host to a Presidential forum this year as delegates make up their mind who they will vote for later this year at the national nominating convention in Orlando.

Unlike Republicans and Democrats, Libertarians do not use taxpayer funded primaries to select their national candidates.  The Party selects their candidate at The Libertarian National Convention which will be held in Orlando May 27-30, 2016.  Among the crowded field of those pursuing the nomination, several will be seeking support next Saturday at the Georgia Libertarian Convention.

John McAfee, Steve Kerbel, Austin Peterson, and Judge Jim Gray, who is representing former Governor Gary Johnson, will be in attendance along with representatives for Rhett Smith and Jack Robinson, Jr.

John McAfee has made national news recently with his offer to the FBI to unlock the Apple Iphone of Syed Rizwan Farook.  McAfee is the multimillionaire former owner of McAfee Anti-virus and a strong opponent of government intrusion into the private lives of citizens.

“With candidates traveling to Georgia from all over the United States, Georgia Libertarians will have the opportunity to meet face to face with these individuals and determine who will best represent their values as President.  Given the current political climate in the US, more and more people are beginning to recognize the similarities between the other two parties and are looking for a fresh approach to government.” said Brett Larson, Chair of the Georgia Libertarian Party.

In addition to the Presidential forum, convention attendees will attend policy sessions and select their candidate for US Senate and Public Service Commission.  With a contested race for the Senate nomination, convention attendees will have to decide whether Alan Buckley or Ted Metz will best represent the party in the November race against incumbent Johnny Isakson.

Convention registration is still open and more information is available at


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