If you don’t know what a limited hangout is, check my glossary….I believe the Internet was released into the wild so we would self-register everything from our silliest faces to our deepest secrets, and we have. But now those who proclaim “knowledge is power” must rein in this dangerous tool lest we gain power through knowledge…in other words, it’s time for the government to close the loop on the Internet and give us “cybersecurity” via CISPA, PIPA, SOPA or whatever they’re going to call it this year. How are the CENTCOM hack, the Sony hack & Charlie Hebdo going to play into this year’s push to bring the Internet into the fold of mainstream media, academics, think tanks and every other institution that is captive of the power elite? Listen…

Hour 1 (This is only ten minutes because I had to start after basketball.)

Hour 2

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Fahrenheit 451 is the temperature needed to burn books. Fahrenheit 911 is the temperature needed to burn Iraq.I just listened to this show for the fourth time and you have me hooked on the Red Pill. While watching The McLaughlin Group on t.v. this morning, one pundit said I.S.I.S. beheading propaganda should be kept off the internet.They said it legitimizes their cause and helps recruit. The counter point pundit said it needs to be on, to show what we are up against. Your revelations regarding internet censorship and surviellance leads me to believe, this topic may be the largest ZEITGEIST FAHRENHEIT our time !

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