150326111533-nr-sot-germanwings-co-pilot-andreas-lubitz-friend-00002521-large-169“The authorities’ explanation doesn’t ring true for Peter Ruecker (pictured above), another pilot who knew him from the flight club. ‘Knowing Andreas, this is just inconceivable for me,’ Ruecker told the Reuters news agency.”

Why haven’t we heard from Andreas Lubitz’ parents, grandparents or fiancee? Why haven’t his doctors been named or his records been released to support the unsubstantiated allegations that he was hiding a mental illness from his employer? Where is the flight data recorder memory chip? These are just a few of the many unanswered questions that have been glossed over in the rush to judgment against Andreas Lubitz.

Here’s my first take on this awful tragedy and why the truth matters.

Hour 1

Hour 2

Hour 3

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We all are not being told the truth…
This story since the very begining is a lie.
That 150 people die from a laser test and the airplane imploded in the air leaving hundreds of pieces all over the place.
It is terrible to see that inocents die and the co-pillot is classified as a murder…sacrificing for the truht that cannot be told

Sorry for my terrible english

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