THE GEORGIA PRIMARY IS TOMORROW! podcast of 5/21/16 show & MORE

My two favorite liberty-loving Republicans, Catherine Bernard & Derrick Grayson (aka TMOT)
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Find your ballot and check out the candidates ahead of time at

Two candidates I have followed over the past few years and who I think have strong principles & the courage of their convictions, are self-described “liberty-loving Republicans,” Catherine Bernard (running for a State House seat in HD80–Brookhaven & beyond) and Derrick Grayson (aka TMOT…running against Johnny Isakson). If you want to hear these guys on my show, these are the podcasts (both come on in the second half of the last hour):

Catherine Bernard

Derrick Grayson

I would love to send Isakson a message and we can all do that by voting for Derrick, but we can’t all vote for Catherine – only those in HD80…but if you can please do–if Catherine gets in, she will keep an eye on the legislature for us and let us know what they’re up to–she can keep me informed and I can keep you informed.


Also, I was disgusted by Cobb Chairman Tim Lee’s support of TSPLOST and horrified by his dark-of-night maneuverings over the Braves Stadium…Larry Savage fought back on that and is running against Lee…so if you’re in Cobb, check out Larry.

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