It’s Official: The FBI was justified in shooting Ibragim Todashev 6 times in the body & once in the crown of the head…

Ibragim Todashev was the acquaintance of Tamerlan Tsarnaev who was gunned down in his home by FBI agents. As expected, the FBI found that the killing was justified.

Of course they did. The New York Times reported that from 1993 to 2011, FBI agents fatally shot 70 people and wounded 80 others and every one of those shootings was deemed justified.

Here is the story they used to justify the killing: Reports detail killing of bombing suspect’s friend

According to this article, the report claims that Todashev “flipped a coffee table in the air, knocking down an FBI agent in the room and causing a gash on his head. Todashev then grabbed a broomstick or mop handle and charged toward the Massachusetts trooper.”

This is just the last in a long line of changing stories used to justify shooting Todashev six times in the body and once in crown of the head. All of this as he was allegedly ready to sign a confession to a murder he was never in the slightest bit suspected of and which his friend Khusen Tamarov and his wife say he was never even questioned about even in the days leading up to his death.

Here is my interview with Todashev’s wife who returned to Russia out of fear of persecution.

Here is the very telling local news interview with Todashev’s friend Tamarov immediately after the shooting.

And it is just one of several suspicious killings surrounding the Boston Marathon Bombings. If you want to know more, start with my article Who Is the Naked Man? then click on the category “Boston Marathon Bombing” for more.

Todashev’s family is not likely to take this lying down. Earlier this year, Ibragim’s father wrote an open letter to Obama requesting justice for his son, including pictures of where his son was shot.

A fresh spate of official narrative is making the rounds these days as the one year anniversary of the Boston Marathon Bombing approaches. I for one would like to see justice done in this case, but evidence of a cover-up makes me continue to believe that the truth is still not known.


  1. barbh1 says:

    If possible, people should take the time to print out and read all the official reports. You can see things right away. What jumps out right away is that the FBI and the Trooper’s names are redacted, while the ordinary civilians are out in print for all to see. The hell with their privacy and safety. Also, all the material provided to Florida State Attorney Jeff Ashton by the FBI is only “loaned” to him, and they make a point of saying these materials will not be released to anyone under any FOIA requests, or under Florida’s Sunshine laws. Ladies and Gentlemen, this is the Secret Police.

  2. William Reuter says:

    Unfortunately the Eric Holder Justice Department will never investigate, or comment or even respond to a lawsuit ordering any of the above must occur.. The President and Every Member of his Administration IGNORE the LAW. The Republi-can’ts IGNORE the VIOLATIONS. AT THIS MOMENT AMERICAN JUSTICE HAS A DAMN BIG ROCK ON ONE SIDE OF THE SCALES AND THE LADY HOLDING THE SCALE IS BLIND, DEAF AND DUMB….

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