The Ebola Crisis will NOT go to waste!

Government incompetence again? Really? This is just an argument I can’t buy anymore. If these guys are so incompetent, why do they remain rich and powerful and continue to march us down the road to serfdom decade after decade no matter which party is in office? The truth is, a fundamental rule of political power is as Rahm Emanuel told us: never let a good crisis go to waste. But it’s not much of a stretch to take that one step further and suggest that Rahm might have added, “Don’t stop a good crisis too soon.” And that’s exactly what I think they are doing with the Ebola scare – making sure that we are scared enough to let the government do, as Mr. Emanuel put it, “things you think you could not do before.” What might that be? Many have suggested that an Ebola scare is just what Big Pharma needs to sell mass quantitites of vaccines. That might be true, but I think the bigger goal of the Ebola scare is to get AFRICOM firmly entrenched in Liberia where it has wanted to be since its inception in 2008. Why? AFRICOM’s mission is to ensure US access to resources on that continent and to keep countries like China from getting preferential treatment there. Obama is putting anywhere from three to five thousand troops in Africa without so much as a nod to Congress – pretty slick! To hear more on why this libertarian smells a rat, here is a clip from my show this weekend.

For the full podcast of the show and more on the many nuances to this story that you are not getting even with 24/7 news coverage from the mainstream media, click here.


  1. simmonsdon says:

    Monica: I think you are absolutely right when you question the assertion that the administration is “incompetent”. On the contrary, they are intelligent and know exactly what they are doing, which is leading the people of this nation further and further down the road to servitude. It is really sad, but I fear our nation has reached (or maybe exceeded) a critical mass, in the respect that the majority of the citizens just don’t care enough about or comprehend what is happening in our country. With the open borders and the government practically rolling out the red carpet for them, there is a steady influx of people into America that do not know or haven’t had the freedoms that we have here in the United States, so it will be no big deal to them for individual rights and freedoms to be whittled away; it won’t be much different from the life that they have been accustomed to.

    1. Monica Perez ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

      You are hitting on something I have concluded. As a libertarian, I believe in the right to work and travel, but as in many other instances (including drug legalization and public health), the powers that be pick and choose our freedoms for us and exploit our libertarian values to use against us. Specifically, I believe that the immigration policy is designed to allow in only the most uneducated, the poorest, the most desperate and repressed-the only ones who are willing to come over illegally and live under the radar – and then give them amnesty periodically so that they become citizens and voters but without any ability to assess or appreciate our political traditions and ideals. In a truly free society, immigration would occur at every level of society and citizenship wouldn’t be a necessary precondition to the freedom to work here. I know many people don’t like my libertarian dedication to freedom of work and travel, but I do see clearly that the current system – an intentional combination of hand-picked higher level workers and low level illegal immigrants – is designed to undermine the devotion to the Bill of Rights that Americans have handed down from parents to children from the beginning – even the children of immigrants in the past have learned the value of the American system at their brave parents’ knees, yet today, many of these parents (who do sacrifice so much) are unable to comprehend or communicate the underlying values that make this system possible and don’t know when or how to defend them.

      1. hugh says:

        Amen to the comments by simmonsdon and yourself! I freely admit I am woefully uninformed re the libertarian philosophy. But I’ve read enough to know that leading libertarian intellectuals such as HHH would fully agree with your conclusions. I think the Libertarian Party platform has been intentionally bastardized to help advance the agenda you so eloquently expressed. And I would also add that paleo-conservatives/Constitutionialsts share the libertarians’ belief in freedom and liberty! There are other options. P’s. Your Saturday show was excellent, as always!

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